02.11.2016 .

Why the average investor underperforms

01.12.2017 Luminor unified price list valid as of 1 February
02.10.2017 New financial services provider in the Baltic market - Luminor
01.10.2017 Nordea and DNB have completed combining their Baltic operations 
28.09.2017 Availability of Nordea customer services over the weekend
25.09.2017 Scheduled changes in operation of Nordea systems
15.09.2017 European Commission approves Nordea and DNB plans to enter into a merger in the Baltics
11.09.2017 Nordea economists: The Baltic States – too good to last for long
11.09.2017 Nordea survey: 91.6% of population know where they can find the information on the balance of their 2nd Pillar Pension capital
30.08.2017 Nordea will present the latest Economic Outlook in the Baltics and globally
09.08.2017 Use your fingerprint to access Nordea Netbank
01.08.2017 Information about the business transfer
24.07.2017 Changes in Nordea Customer Service Unit working hours in Valmiera starting from August 1st
19.07.2017 Nordea in the Baltic countries announces EUR 49 million of profits in the first half of 2017
17.07.2017 Changes in Nordea Customer Service Unit working hours in Rēzekne and Daugavpils starting from August 1st
07.07.2017 Nordea now offers its private customers to open a bank account online
30.06.2017 Changes to Nordea’s Price List
20.06.2017 Changes in Nordea working hours during holidays
08.06.2017 Expert: additionally gained income should be used for savings
06.06.2017 Nordea continues improving the mobile banking app
06.06.2017 The age of socially responsible investments as an opportunity
23.05.2017 Survey: In Latvia 32% don’t have any savings
18.05.2017 Expert's opinion: investing without knowledge is like playing a lottery, with an equal chance of winning or losing
17.05.2017 Management Team of Luminor announced
27.04.2017 Changes in Nordea working hours during holidays
27.04.2017 Nordea in the Baltics reports financial results for Q1 2017
29.03.2017 New Nordea authentication tools will be compulsory from 1st April
29.03.2017 Nordea Economic Outlook: Baltics can become expensive before becoming rich
16.03.2017 Nordea mobile app now supports free push notifications
07.03.2017 Nordea’s and DNB’s bank to be named Luminor
28.02.2017 Regarding document filings to competition authorities
02.02.2017 Nordea wins Euromoney award for best private banking in the Baltic region and Latvia 
31.01.2017 Baltic Savings experts: from a lousy start to a great finish – 2016 in retrospective
26.01.2017 Nordea Baltics reports financial results for 2016
20.01.2017 New authentication methods will be obligatory starting in April
19.01.2017 Nordea introduces a new mobile banking app
18.01.2017 Expert: pensions and taxes in the Baltic countries - similar systems do not mean similar results
17.01.2017 Now improved conditions for foreign travel and purchase insurance
06.01.2017 From the 1st of February, the Customer Service Unit "Ventspils" will be closed