We urge people to pay attention to data security on the Internet

In response to the news information about possible cyber attacks against Latvian banks, we invite our clients to pay extra attention to data security on the Internet.

Information Technologies Security Incidents Response Institution ”Cert.lv” warns about possible cyber criminal attacks, who spread a virus through e-mail attachments in “.doc" or ".xls" file format, which tries to gain Internet bank user's data to perform manipulations of the financial means of accounts. To prevent the virus from entering your computer, we recommend that you do not open e-mails and their attachments received from suspicious senders or persons not related to you.

We advise you to follow basic precautions on a daily basis that will help avoid data being placed in the hands of criminals:

  • to ignore and delete e-mails that contain questionable attachments;
  • to evaluate any incoming information – criminals can use not only e-mails, but also social networks and phone calls;
  • not to disclose to anyone your passwords and access codes, as well as other personal data.

Useful tips that will help facilitate secure Internet payments and help protect personal data can be found here.

Additional information:

Signe Lonerte, Head of Communication Baltic States, Tel.: 6 700 5469, Mob.: 29 116 146, signe.lonerte@nordea.com