Expert: Modern Bank Is Where You Are

With the rhythm of life becoming increasingly faster, the popularity of innovative digital solutions increases as well. Modern clients no longer bind themselves to any particular location; therefore, receiving services remotely means saving time and money — these are the benefits highly valued by anyone with a busy everyday life”, as told by Anna Fišere-Kaļķe, Head of Nordea Online Department in the Baltic States.

Digital solutions tend to play an increasingly crucial role in everyday life; therefore, more flexible conditions are necessary in the banking sector with regard to where and when clients can receive the necessary support from the bank. Likewise, cash is used increasingly less often, which is another signal that remote online services will inevitably become a standard for the financial sector in the near future.

People’s Habits Change

Trends of the new market are developing in the right direction. It is suggested by both changes in clients’ habits in Latvia and across the world, and the data from surveys carried out by Nordea. Statistics show that 92% of respondents are satisfied with remote, i.e. Online Consultations, and would recommend them to their friends. Almost 70% of clients consider the service to be an easy-to-use and comprehensive solution. 80% of clients admit it is a highly important channel in communicating with the bank. Currently, one in three clients wish to receive consultations remotely.

Time Has Become More Valuable

In observing the habits of bank clients, we have come to the conclusion that understanding the value of time and the proportion of time to financial contributions have changed. After performing calculations, it has been proven that by choosing Nordea Online Consultation, clients — particularly sponsors in regions — tend to save on significant funds in the long-term, which would usually be spent on transport when going to the bank. Taking into account that Online Consultations requires half as much time as meeting in person (on average 30 minutes), they would allow clients to use saved funds for other life or business priorities.

Nordea Online Consultations — Just the Beginning of the “Bank of Future”

To substantiate high requirements, it is necessary to identify oneself with one’s own clients — understand their wishes and needs. Namely, services provided by the bank should be available at any time and any place. Nordea is the first and currently the only bank in the Baltic States which has introduced and started offering its clients such a wide range of remote services. Clients have access to all the major daily and long-term banking services such as:

  • short-term and long-term loans;
  • leasing of vehicles and industrial machinery;
  • factoring;
  • guarantees;
  • escrow accounts;
  • e-identification and e-payments;
  • savings and investments;
  • payment cards;
  • insurance.

Client reviews confirm that Online Consultation is highly promising and able to compete with the usual service in person. Along with all the possibilities of the digital world, it offers a direct dialogue with an adviser, strengthening bilateral relations and forming a comprehensive conversation with the client, simultaneously providing services compliant with modern standards.

Over slightly less than a year, exceeding the goals set, the bank has already provided almost 8,000 Online Consultations to private individuals across the Baltics.

Security First

Online Consultations are a secure, effective and development-oriented service. To use Online Consultations, the client should log into his/her Netbank account; there, the security of online services is guaranteed to Nordea clients by the latest generation authentication methods — code application and code calculator. Of course, in accordance with law the bank has a duty to guarantee the confidentiality of information provided by the client and ensure the use of this information only pursuant to procedures laid down by law.

“If at the beginning of the year we predicted that one fourth of bank clients would be using the remote consultations in two years, now we can state that it has already happened — one in three Nordea clients prefers meeting an adviser remotely. We are there where our clients are — at home, at work or on a trip, also outside working hours”, as concluded by Anna Fišere-Kaļķe, Head of Nordea Online Department in the Baltic States.

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