Nordea Card discount program now even more attractive

Studies show that more customers in addition to versatile bank’s product and service offering as well as high class customer service prefer additional bonus programs and benefits that come along with bank’s products and services. As a response to our customer’s needs, starting 6 December 2016 Nordea has launched for private and corporate customers special Card partners discount program in all Baltic countries.

Main advantages of Nordea Card partners discount program:

  • Additional benefits, discounts and special bonuses when purchasing with Nordea’s payment cards;
  • Wide list of recognized and reputable partners and different service providers across all Baltic countries (Nordea card program advantages work in neighbouring Baltic countries as well);
  • Constantly updated partner’s list and new offerings.

The Card partner discount program functions once a customer has chosen to pay with Nordea payment card (with private or business card, payment or credit card) our partner that bank has selected and included in the discount program. In addition, benefits paying with Nordea payment card might be also extended and applied when paying with corporate and co-branded cards. Discounts and offers can differ based on what payment card is used at the time of purchase.

“We listen to our customers to give them services that they will appreciate and use. Card partner discount program that has now been introduced in the whole Baltic region is what our customers have indicated they would appreciate in addition to services we already provide. The new Partners discount programme provides wide range of additional benefits when purchasing with our payment cards in close cooperation with recognized and reputable Nordea partners. What is more, the program is subject to all Baltic countries, if the Nordea payment card is used,” says Laura Poča-Rozenblūma, the Head of Household department in Latvia.

To get more information or find list of all partners, please visit Nordea Card partners discount program site hereOpens new window.

Nordea also has the existing Points Savings account offers. When paying with Nordea credit cards customers for each purchase can accumulate points which can be later redeemed using gift cards. Find out more here.

For additional information contact
Edgars Žilde, Communications Project Manager at Nordea Bank; phone: 6 700 5434, GSM: 28 452 975, e-mail: edgars.zilde@nordea.com