13.12.2013 .

Season's greetings from Nordea and the family support centre "Lejasstrazdi"

Continuing the tradition, this is the tenth year that Nordea is preparing to celebrate the holidays with children from the family support centre Lejasstrazdi. This year the Lejasstrazdi orphanage was prepared for the celebrations thanks to repairs carried out with the participation of TV stars Anna Rozīte, Kaspars Zlidnis, Kaspars Tenisons as well as bank employees and their families. The bank has prepared special season's greetings for its customers, cooperation partners and friends www.nordeasveiciens.lv

The Head of Nordea Latvia Jānis Buks: "Our friendship with the family support centre Lejasstrazdi started ten years ago and at that time the tradition of preparing season's greetings together was established. This is an opportunity for the children to master new skills and acquire new knowledge and also to enjoy a special holiday event. I am especially pleased by the great response demonstrated by bank's employees—the time and care that they devote for maintaining this friendship throughout the year and not just during the holiday season.

The manager of the family support centre Lejasstrazdi Solvita Eihe: "This season's greetings are special due to the fact that each and every resident at Lejasstrazdi was involved and contributed in preparing it during the month. The children painted walls, glued wallpaper and worked with a screwdriver and a filler, and thus we managed to achieve this great result together—beautiful and comfortable rooms for leisure activities. I am very satisfied with what has been done.

Season's greetings tradition

Nordea began cooperating with the family support centre Lejasstrazdi in 2004, and this year was the tenth when a special present was prepared for both the bank's customers, cooperation partners and friends, as well as for the children of Lejasstrazdi themselves. The artists, leaders of creative workshops and enthusiasts involved teach new skills to the children and discover various new talents. In previous years the children composed a song with the well-known Latvian musician Goran Gora, made a cartoon with the artist and animator Dace Liepa and prepared tasty meals with chef Lauris Aleksejevs in preparation for the holidays. The song "Tu esi viens no mums" (You are one of us) was also recorded with Mārtiņš Freimanis, a photo calendar was created with photographer Valts Kleins, bookmarks were produced with painter Kaspars Zariņš and a special holiday calendar "31jaunadiena.lv" was developed in cooperation with the portal "Pasakas.net"

See these greetings on the website at www.nordeasveiciens.lv.

Children and teenagers ages 2 to 18 who are not under the care of their parents live at the family support centre Lejasstrazdi at Dobele parish.