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Nordea business school is opening its fourth training season by supporting the endeavour by new entrepreneurs to start-up successful businesses. This season, jointly with 26 partners, leading business consultancy companies in Latvia, mentoring and coaching organisations, and industry experts, the future entrepreneurs will receive practical advice for developing a competitive business in six months.  At the end of the program the most successful authors of ideas will meet potential investors. Applicants are welcome to enrol from 19 September to 10 October by filling in the application form on nordea.lv/biznesaskola.

“The program continues to prove its usefulness as new applications for business ideas are received every year—over the past four years almost 3000 business ideas have been submitted, 200 young entrepreneurs have participated in training in classes and one third of them have been successful at starting their own business. We are especially proud of one of the achievements of the program. This is cooperation among our partners and the professional team of lecturers as well as the graduates of the program who share stories of their experience every year,” says Kristīne Lomanovska, Head of the Nordea SME Segment in the Baltics. “The success stories of the graduates also serve to attest to the program’s quality. For example, the modern coffee production companyAndrito Kafijas Grauzdētava, exclusive wooden covers for mobile phones RixWood, the clothing brand manufactured in Latvia PAIYA and many other brands of the graduates of the Nordea business school have gained recognition both in Latvia and abroad. 90% of the graduates of last season admit that the program helped them to promote business development, and we think this is a very high indicator.”

About Nordea business school

The program for support to new entrepreneurs offers a six-month free training course covering a full business start-up package—starting from elaboration of a business plan, cash-flow planning, sales and export consultations up to mentoring and coaching, consultations on marketing and brand management, as well as the “date with an investor” at the end of the program.

In 2012 the Nordea business school was announced the winner of the national selection of the competition of the European Commission “European Enterprise Promotion Award 2012” and nominated for the competition under the category “Promoting Entrepreneurial Spirit”.

Partners of the Nordea business school: Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Mentor Club of Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Business Support Association Līdere, knowledge and innovation society ZINIS, coaching service company Baltic Coaching Centre, personnel training companies Triviums Apmācība, Fontes grupa, sales and marketing lecturer Kārlis Apkalns, marketing and brand management expert Inese Kalveite, communications expert and the Chairperson of the Board of the Latvian Association of PR professionals (LASAP) Dagnija Lejiņa, Latvian Packaging Association, DigiZoom.lv, Latvian startup company Fastr, Kwintet production, TNT Latvia, intellectual property protection consulting company TriaRobit, export consulting and market research company GatewayBaltic, accountancy service company NUMERI, law firm Markvarte Lexchange and personnel selection company CV-Online Latvia, business information service LID, Young Entrepreneurs Centre, finance company Capitalia, creative advertising company DDB, as well as fuel retail company Statoil Fuel & Retail Latvia.

More about Nordea business school: www.nordea.lv/biznesaskola