04.12.2014 .

Nordea and the“Lejasstrazdi” Family Support Centre invite everybody to prepare for the holiday season

For the eleventh year in a row, Nordea and children from the “Lejasstrazdi” Family Support Centre brush up on their creative skills and use them to make special holiday greetings. This year, with the help of actor Kaspars Breidaks and confectioner Anna Birmane, a special holiday countdown calendar was created: www.nordeasveiciens.lv.

“For me, everything is founded on relationships, and, throughout the last twelve years, our cooperation with the “Lejasstrazdi” Family Support Centre has formed and strengthened relationships and friendships that every year bring joy and satisfaction to both Nordea employees and “Lejasstrazdi” members. This friendship is based on the heartfelt desire of the Bank's employees to participate in the community and provide selfless support. I am especially glad that, in parallel to the annual donations by the Bank, approximately one fifth of our employees now participate in and initiate support activities by investing their time and effort in our cooperation partners”, says Jānis Buks, Head of Banking for Nordea Latvia.

Solvita Eihe, Head of the Family Support Centre, says: “Our cooperation has been very successful. As a result of this cooperation, we have not only made new friends, but there are even children who have found new families. Although the creation of the annual holiday greeting is only one of the regular activities that we implement during the year, it is a special adventure for the children and brings new impressions and experiences. For the children it is an opportunity to meet creative people that are celebrities in Latvia, and learn something new every year. We are also always very pleased with the interesting activities we share with the Bank’s employees and their children. Of course, the Centre’s children are very happy about the birthday and Christmas presents – every child is given the chance to express his/her deepest wish, which is exactly what they receive when the time comes. Without doubt, the financial help donated by Nordea provides invaluable support for the children’s education and their integration in society”.

About the traditional holiday greeting

Nordea started its cooperation with the “Lejasstrazdi” Family Support Centre in 2004, and for eleven years in a row, a special holiday gift has been created every year for the Bank’s customers, cooperation partners and friends, as well as the “Lejasstrazdi” children. Artists and heads of creative workshops teach the children new skills and help them to discover various new talents. In previous years, repairs were done at the “Lejasstrazdi” orphanage with the help of TV stars Anna Rozīte and Kaspars Zlidnis, a song was composed together with musician Goran Gora, a cartoon was created with artist and animator Dace Liepa and tasty festive meals were cooked together with chef Lauris Aleksejevs. Also, the song “You are one of us” (Tu esi viens no mums) was sung together with Mārtiņš Freimanis, a photo calendar was created with the help of photographer Valts Kleins, bookmarks were made together with painter Kaspars Zariņš and a special holiday calendar, “31jaunadiena.lv”, was created with help from the “Pasakas.net” portal.

The season’s greetings can be viewed at: www.nordeasveiciens.lv.

The “Lejasstrazdi” Family Support Centre in the Dobele Parish is home to children aged 2–18 years old, who are not under the care of parents.