14.03.2014 .

Parents get to know how to talk about money with their children at Nordea money school

On March 13, Nordea organized a creative financial afternoon for families within the framework of Latvian Financial Education Week. Thirty children aged 8 to 12 years found out how to save up for a dream, together with Nordea finance instructor team while their parents learned how to talk about money with their children. 

With the aim to improve the level of financial education of Latvian citizens, this year the national priority is given to the promotion of education in finance. Nordea also continues its financial education programs of Nordea “Money School” initiative offering to its clients and to the public a variety of tools that enhance their knowledge about both the banking products and finances in general. Children are one of the Nordea money school audiences.

“Within the framework of Nordea money school, we offer courses to promote awareness of financial issues already for the second season. Confirming the importance of this topic in the long term, this year, we provide support for children and young people in the preparation of educational materials. These materials will help parents and teachers to talk about finances with children irrespective of their age. This year, together with the bank's finance instructors for the first time we organize a creative workshop for parents and children," told Nordea money school leader Anna Fišere-Kaļķe.

Nordea money school finance instructor, creative finance afternoon manager Zigmārs Valtmanis points out: "The idea of finance afternoon for parents with children emerged because apart from being an expert in financial issues, I am also a father. I believe that it is important to talk about money and its role with your child from an early age. Therefore, during the creative afternoon children thanks to participatory methods and games learned how to evaluate money and save up for their dream, while their parents got valuable tips on how to talk about money with their offspring."

The Financial and Capital Market Commission has also developed a National financial literacy strategy in Latvia for 2014 – 2020." As a part of this strategy Nordea is going to carry out informative and educational activities to promote financial literacy.

To see the photos of Nordea money school creative financial afternoon, please visit http://ow.ly/uzTZG

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