19.12.2014 Survey: 41% of Latvia's inhabitants feel financially stable
19.12.2014 Regarding the replacement of automatic payment with electronic regular invoice payment (ERRA) service
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04.12.2014 Nordea and the“Lejasstrazdi” Family Support Centre invite everybody to prepare for the holiday season
11.11.2014 Nordea Private Banking Named the Best Service Provider in the Nordic Region, Finland and Norway
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04.11.2014 Possible issues with mobile bank access
31.10.2014 Nordea online banking will become even better
29.10.2014 Financial fitness will serve as a stimulus for developing the 'financial muscles' of the Latvian people
22.10.2014 Results of Nordea Group in the 3rd Quarter of year 2014
22.10.2014 Results of Nordea Bank Latvia Branch in the 3rd Quarter of year 2014
21.10.2014 A new Client Service Unit „Spice Home”  has been opened
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01.10.2014 University students meet Nordea experts in “Speed Dating”
12.09.2014 Nordea Economic Outlook: Economic Growth Experiences Headwind
05.09.2014 Nordea online banking will become even better
21.08.2014 Nordea is recognized as one of the TOP10 largest European banks
17.07.2014 Results of Nordea Group in the 2nd Quarter of year 2014
17.07.2014 Results of Nordea Bank Latvia Branch in the 2nd Quarter of year 2014
16.07.2014 Latvian Association of Commercial Banks: Automatic Payments to Change starting from next year
15.07.2014 “Euromoney" names Nordea the best bank in the Nordic & Baltic Region
02.07.2014 Nordea trade financing rated the best in the Baltics and the Nordic countries
02.07.2014 New requirements for the review of US customers at financial institutions
06.06.2014 Nordea Bank Latvia receives silver award category in the Sustainability Index 2014 Evaluation
06.06.2014 During 07.06.2014 Nordea online banking will become even better
04.06.2014 Nordea Bank recognized as family-friendly merchant by the Latvian Ministry of Welfare
14.05.2014 Nordea Business School "From Idea to Investor" completes its fourth training season
29.04.2014 First Quarter Results 2014
29.04.2014 Results of Nordea Latvia for the 1st quarter of 2014
27.03.2014 “Global Finance” recognises Nordea as the Best Bank in Latvia
14.03.2014 Parents get to know how to talk about money with their children at Nordea money school
12.03.2014 Latest Nordea economic prognosis: global economy turned upside down: The West is going up, the East – down
11.02.2014 Brand Finance names Nordea as the strongest brand in the Nordic Countries
10.02.2014 Nordea extends the time period for acceptance of European EUR payments until 3.30 p.m.
06.02.2014 Nordea Private Banking named the best in the Nordic & Baltic region
30.01.2014 Nordea online banking will become even better
29.01.2014 Results of Nordea Latvia Branch Office 2013
29.01.2014 Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results 2013
03.01.2014 Nordea reports the availability of banking services after the introduction of the euro
01.01.2014 Introduction of the euro has been successful in Nordea bank