21.08.2014 .

Nordea is recognized as one of the TOP10 largest European banks

The international financial analysis company SNL Financial has published this year’s TOP20 largest banks by market capitalization. Nordea bank Sweden is also among them as one of the TOP10 largest European banks.

Nordea bank AB is the largest financial group in the Scandinavian and Baltic regions, providing services to over 11 million clients in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Poland and the Baltic states. With respect to market capitalization, Nordea bank is among the ten largest universal banks in Europe. Nordea shares are listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm, Helsinki and Copenhagen.

Nordea credit ratings from international rating agencies are also high, thus confirming stable future expectations. For instance, the international rating agency Moody’s has rated Nordea credit at Aa3***, which attests to high credit quality and low credit risk.

SNL Financial is an international company that provides financial information to more than 6 500 state companies and 50 000 private companies in business sectors playing a significant role in the global economy.

For more information about SNL Financial’s TOP20 largest banks by market capitalization see the link here.