17.04.2015 .

Nordea Investment Fund Shows the Highest Growth of Inflows in Europe

Morningstar, one of the leading investment companies in the world, has rated Nordea-1 Stable Return Fund the most popular investment fund in Europe, according to the figures for Q1 2015. The Nordea investment fund has the highest growth of inflows among more than 25,000 open-end funds in Europe.

“Many European investors are longing for alternative investment opportunities in the current market situation. In Latvia, we have also observed that this fund has become very popular among our customers due to its comparatively low risk and historically attractive yields. This is further proof of the loyalty of the customers to our work and services. That’s the highest evaluation we can achieve and we are very proud of this recognition,” says Anželika Dobrovoļska, Head of Nordea Investment Product and Service Development.

Stable Return Fund was launched in late 2005 as an alternative to traditional low-risk investment funds. It has been awarded a four-star rating by Morningstar for the fund’s considerable yield in relation to the assumed risk among other investment funds with a similar strategy*. The value of the assets under its management has also now reached EUR 5 billion.

Since its establishment, the fund has achieved high recognition and has been in great demand by small and medium-sized wealth managers as well as financial entities. (See Figure 1)

Nordea Asset Management is the largest Nordic asset management company with a EUR 174 billion portfolio, and it is the only European asset manager that has been on the list of the top 10 global investment management companies for the last three years in a row.

*Source – © 2014 Morningstar. Inc. All Rights Reserved. European Open End Funds database. Morningstar EAA OE EUR Moderate Allocation – Global category. Date: 31.12.2014. Figures in EUR. Source of information: Nordea Investment Funds S.A. Period in question: 31.12.2009 - 31.12.2014.

**The above mentioned information about investment services offered by Nordea is given for explanatory purposes only. It shall by no means be deemed as a recommendation, instructions or encouragement to use, buy or sell specific investment products. Although the information has been prepared with the help of trustworthy sources, Nordea assumes no liability for any irregularities or losses incurred by investors based on this information. Commission fees for purchasing or buyback of investment certificates may affect the yield for a particular investor. This information reveals historical rises and falls in the value of investment fund certificates that may not be considered as a reliable indicator of the future returns, and investors may not get back the full amount invested. The value of securities may fluctuate due to sub-fund investment policy and hence is not guaranteed. If the base currency of the specific sub-fund differs from the currency used in the investor's home country, the value of the investment certificates may also be affected by exchange rate fluctuations. Each investor is responsible for their own investment decisions, hence it is necessary to read all binding documentation, fund prospectuses and other investment product prospectuses in order to assess the risk related to such investments, as well as information available on the website www.nordea.lv.