News Archive 2015
15.12.2015. SIA Bio-Venta Receives Increased Financing of EUR 2 million from Nordea
14.12.2015. Nordea to Become the General Sponsor of the Largest Champagne Festival in the Baltic States
09.12.2015. Nordea Economic Outlook: in 2016, Latvia's GDP growth will be 3%
03.12.2015. Holiday Photo Exhibition Opened in Cooperation with the “Lejasstrazdi” Family Support Centre
01.12.2015. Changes to the Bank's Services Price List
27.11.2015. Magnum Medical Received a Loan Increase up to 22.1 Million euros for Development of Its Retail Distribution Network
19.11.2015. Experts Confirm – European Stock Markets Continue to Attract Investors
12.11.2015. Nordea Becomes a Supporter of “VEF Riga School Super League”
05.11.2015. Nordea Pensions Latvia: Irrespective of fluctuations in private pension funds, there is evidence of growth in pension plan assets
05.11.2015. Nordea awarded as the best Private Banking provider in Nordic countries
21.10.2015. Nordea in Baltics earns operating profit of EUR 76 million
21.10.2015. Third Quarter Results 2015
14.10.2015. Nordea Business School “From Idea to Investor” Supports the Ambitions of New Entrepreneurs
14.10.2015. Nordea recognised as playing a leading CSR role in financial sector
01.10.2015. Nordea Joins the New Self-Regulation Document for the Financial Sector
18.09.2015. One Hundred Pupils Develop Money-handling Skills at a Creative Afternoon Workshop from Nordea’s Personal Finances Management Course
10.09.2015. “Global Finance” has named Nordea one of the world's TOP 50 safest banks
02.09.2015. Nordea economists: Moderate growth of the Latvian economy; Changes in the labour market from unemployment to lack of staff
11.08.2015. Nordea appoints new Group CEO and new Group COO
10.08.2015. Secure online shopping will be soon available to Nordea Maestro Payment Cards as well
28.07.2015. Nordea warns about possible "phishing" emails
27.07.2015. Nordea Pensions Latvia — Participants of Active Pension Plans Benefit Most from Saving
23.07.2015. The number of Nordea Finance Latvia's new leasing transactions continues to grow
22.07.2015. Greek banks are open again
16.07.2015. Nordea Baltics reports EUR 54 million operating profit in the first half-year
16.07.2015. Second Quarter Results 2015
29.06.2015. Greek banks closed
16.06.2015. Nordea Economists: Economic indicators of Latvia show moderate growth
12.06.2015. Nordea received Gold in the Sustainability Index 2015
10.06.2015. Nordea named “The Most Family-Friendly Company”
03.06.2015. Changes in travel insurance terms and conditions for Nordea credit cards
14.05.2015. Nordea Business School survey: Personal business is the main source of income for 59% of new entrepreneurs
29.04.2015. Nordea Baltics announces a profit of EUR 27 million in Q1 2015
29.04.2015. Results of Nordea Group in the 1st Quarter of year 2015
17.04.2015. Nordea Investment Fund Shows the Highest Growth of Inflows in Europe
10.04.2015. Nordea will offer state-guaranteed mortgage loans
01.04.2015. Changes to the Banking Services Price List
24.03.2015. For the first time, Nordea Bank will take part in the Week of Open Doors
12.03.2015. Nordea Pensions Latvia and ERGO Present the Latest Trends in Savings Sector
11.03.2015. Nordea Economic Outlook: Unusual Times for the Global Economy
11.03.2015. Nordea and Sports Laboratory Invite to Financial Fitness Trainings in Mežaparks
24.02.2015. Nordea Launches a Banking App for iPad Devices
18.02.2015. More than 70% of Nordea’s clients deposit cash remotely
13.02.2015. Nordea Supports a Unique Art Project — the Multimedia Symphony “The Northern Lights”
11.02.2015. LU Open Minded and Nordea invite you to learn about argumentation and critical thinking
09.02.2015. Nordea wins the Euromoney award for the best Private Banking service provider
28.01.2015. Results of Nordea Latvia Branch Office 2014
28.01.2015. Nordea Group’s fourth Quarter and Full Year Results 2014
21.01.2015. This Year, Nordea will “Shadow” the Representatives of Over 40 Professions