18.02.2015 .

More than 70% of Nordea’s clients deposit cash remotely

Nordea Bank’s observations show that clients are increasingly opting to make financial transactions remotely – only every fourth Nordea client deposits cash at the bank’s branches. In future, to make Nordea payment cards even more convenient to use, clients will be able to deposit cash at Nordea ATMs with all Nordea Bank credit cards.

Currently, 23 Nordea ATMs and 35 ATMs of Citadele Bank’s friendly ATM network are available for Nordea and other banks' clients in Riga and surrounding areas, providing both cash withdrawal and deposit functionality for Nordea payment cards. Up until now, cash deposit transactions at ATMs were only possible with debit cards, but in future clients will be able to deposit cash at Nordea Bank ATMs with all Nordea credit cards too. Citadele Bank ATMs are still providing this possibility for debit cards only.

You can deposit cash at cash deposit/withdrawal ATMs in euro. It is essential that this service be available for Nordea Bank’s cardholders without additional fees and in many places – around the clock.

A map of the friendly ATM network is available at Nordea’s website http://ow.ly/J7ryX