19.11.2015 .

Experts Confirm – European Stock Markets Continue to Attract Investors

Europe is still one of the most attractive regions for investment. As Europe recovers from crisis thanks to a series of implemented monetary stimulus measures and low prices for energy resources, investors continue to be drawn to the region in search of investment options, concluded experts during the conference “Investment Forum 2015”.

Investment specialists indicate that at the moment, Western Europe, and in particular industrial countries such as Germany, France and Great Britain, alongside North America, are much more attractive regions for investments than China.

“European corporate shares currently show relatively good potential for returns in terms of earnings per share ratio, as well as comparatively lower absolute prices. Europe’s attractiveness is enhanced by the fact that emerging markets are facing increasing uncertainty, and the ability of these countries to maintain the growth achieved in previous years is uncertain. Slower growth in China has the biggest impact on future forecasts for emerging market countries, whereas Brazil and Russia are strongly influenced by low oil prices,” commented Anželika Dobrovoļska, Head of Nordea Investment Department.

“However, notwithstanding the global economic slowdown in the last few years, growth is sufficient to invest in riskier assets. There are many ways to invest in financial markets and gain profits,” concludes Nordea's expert.

Latvian investors have easy access to all major global stock markets, either by directly opening a securities account with any financial institution providing securities trading services, or selecting any of the trading platforms available on the Latvian market.

The Nasdaq common Baltic market offers simple investment opportunities involving not only local corporate shares or bonds, but also other attractive Lithuanian or Estonian companies. The Baltic stock exchange listing includes 77 issuers from a wide range of industries, whereas 20 bond issuers are listed in the Baltic debt securities listing. Securities trading takes place in a single trading system with harmonized rules and market practices,” explains Liene Dubava, Board Member of Nasdaq Riga.

Investment funds provide for an even simpler investment option for many different regions worldwide. They ensure very wide diversification, both regional and risk-based, with varying asset allocation; moreover, they are available to any investor – normally starting from as little as EUR 50 and with no limits on maximum amounts.

There are also other alternatives on the market, such as structured bonds offered by banks, including Nordea, whose yield is linked to more current market opportunities and guarantees invested capital protection, whereas more affluent customers can choose personal portfolio management.

“We recommend consulting with professional investment advisers to achieve the best and sustainable investment portfolio that corresponds to the risk profile and desirable yield level of a particular investment,” added one Nordea expert.

On Thursday, 10th December from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm, Bellevue Park Hotel Riga will host the conference “Investment Forum 2015”. This is a chance to learn how to invest your money as wisely as possible and find the most suitable type of investment to ensure proper risk allocation and returns.

During the Forum, experts will advise on using macroeconomic forecasts more efficiently to identify the most appropriate region and type of investment, as well as consult on current market opportunities. Participants of the Forum will be introduced to many different types of investment – real estate, investment gold, foreign exchange markets, stock, and bonds.

The conference “Investment Forum 2015” is organized by BIG event in cooperation with Nordea. Sponsors: business magazine Kapitāls, Admiral markets, Bellevue Park Hotel Riga, Inbox.lv.

More information is available at http://bigevent.lv/investicijas2015

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