29.06.2015 .

Greek banks closed

We advise customers going to Greece to bring cash in euro to be able to pay for necessities.

There is uncertainty about the financial situation in Greece, and the Greek financial stability council has decided that the banks will not open on Monday 29 June. It is most likely that the banks will stay closed for several days. Moreover, limits on withdrawals from cash machines have been imposed.

Are you on your way to Greece?

Your credit card should technically work as normal, but you should be aware that the situation in Greece may lead to fewer merchants accepting payments with card.

In general, we advise customers going to Greece to follow the travel advice of their foreign affairs ministry.

There have been set the limit for ATM cash withdrawals in Greece. Does it also influence foreign payment cards?

No, the limit does not refer to foreign payment cards.

Are you considering making money transfers to Greece?

Greece has decided to keep its banks closed and implement capital controls on money transfers abroad. The current situation may also lead to money transfers to Greece being delayed, stopped, frozen or ultimately lost. It is therefore advisable to carefully consider the need before transferring money to Greece as long as the uncertainty about the financial situation in the country persists.

Where can the client in Greece get support in a case his/her card hasn`t been accepted?

In the case of questions or any issues, do not hesitate to contact the Bank’s Contact Centre 24 hours per day by calling 67 096 096 or writing to info@nordea.lv.