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21.12.2016. Payment processing during holidays
20.12.2016. Changes in Nordea working hours
20.12.2016. Nordea Card discount program now even more attractive
19.12.2016. Expert: Modern Bank Is Where You Are
02.12.2016. Join Nordea Baltic Economic Outlook
01.12.2016. Changes in the Customer Advantage Programme and in the Pricelist of the Bank
02.11.2016. Erkki Raasuke and Nils Melngailis new CEO and Chairman of the Board for Nordea’s and DNB’s proposed combined bank
02.11.2016. Why the average investor underperforms
01.11.2016. Nordea starts offering new contactless cards
26.10.2016. Nordea in the Baltics announces operating profit of EUR 72.1 million
10.10.2016. Nordea grants 11.75 million euros to Baltic Horizon for the purchase of Upmalas Biroji
07.10.2016. Nordea Business School Will Keep Training New and Potential Entrepreneurs
04.10.2016. Global Finance has named Nordea one of the world's TOP 50 safest banks
03.10.2016. Nordea allocates 13.3 million Euros to “Latvijas dzelzceļš” SJSC for infrastructure development
27.09.2016. Nordea introduces the new generation authentication tools - Nordea Codes App and Code Calculator
16.09.2016. We urge people to pay attention to data security on the Internet
08.09.2016. Nordea is financing the development of wind park outside city Liepaja for 6.4 mEUR
06.09.2016. Nordea Economic Outlook: Baltics facing a hurdle race
05.09.2016. Nordea initiates additional efforts for regular customer data update
01.09.2016. Follow the latest Economic Outlook online with Nordea economists in the Baltics
25.08.2016. Press event recording: Nordea and DNB will combine operations in the Baltics
25.08.2016. Nordea and DNB to combine Baltic operations
15.08.2016. ELKO Group attracts a syndicate loan of 78 million USD
20.07.2016. Nordea Pensions Latvia expert: Half a Year Has Passed Under Flag of Conservative Investments
20.07.2016. Latvian leasing and factoring sector continues to increase
20.07.2016. Nordea in the Baltics earns EUR 41 million in the first half of 2016
20.07.2016. Second Quarter Results 2016
08.07.2016. Application for Nordea Start-Up Acceleration Programme Continues
01.07.2016. Changes to the Bank's Services Price List
29.06.2016. Nordea investment solutions – stability during turbulent market
27.06.2016. The UK voted for Brexit
10.06.2016. Nordea wins Gold in Sustainability Index 2016
10.06.2016. Nordea recognised as a family-friendly business
31.05.2016. Five financial habits of a clever woman
30.05.2016. Changes in interest rates for Savings Deposits
27.04.2016. Nordea in Baltics earned EUR 23 million in Q1 2016
27.04.2016. First Quarter Results 2016
22.04.2016. Baltic Savings experts: What goes up – never goes up forever
19.04.2016. Nordea: more customers willing to “attend bank” remotely
05.04.2016. Comment on media reports about Nordea and tax havens
30.03.2016. Socially responsible investing: is it possible to care about the planet and also to get profit?
16.03.2016. Nordea Economic Outlook: 2008 crisis scenario will not repeat
02.03.2016. Nordea is the first bank in the Baltics to open Online Advisory Branches
18.02.2016. Nordea Begins Its Annual Client Satisfaction Survey 
17.02.2016. Nordea in Baltics introduces new ways for meeting with customers
10.02.2016. Nordea wins Euromoney award for best private banking
08.02.2016. Nordea: popularity of shopping online continues to increase
04.02.2016. Baltic Savings experts: volatile start of year 2016 – an investment opportunity for smarter investors
27.01.2016. Nordea Baltics reports EUR 91 million profits in 2015
27.01.2016. Fourth Quarter and Full Year Results 2015
25.01.2016. Nordea Saving expert: If a financial meltdown is not on the horizon, what is causing such a drastic sell-off?
20.01.2016. Nordea Baltic Economic Review Department will be headed by Žygimantas Mauricas

Nordea will introduce the Common Reporting Standard on 1 January