16.03.2017 .

Nordea mobile app now supports free push notifications

In the beginning of this year Nordea introduced the new Nordea mobile banking app that offers even more convenient and user-friendly services with a modern design. As of today, the app becomes even better thanks to the added push notifications functionality for private customers.
The new push notifications feature allows Nordea mobile banking app users to receive free-of-charge notifications on their smartphones about activities in their current Nordea account(s), as well as alerts and information about the Bank’s offers. Customer can easily enable or disable any of the push notifications at any time under “Settings” of the app.

“The recent online survey* shows that 62% of mobile banking app users in the Baltics see the automatic push notifications of incoming and outgoing account balance changes as important. For this reason, I am pleased to deliver customers a unique feature that is one of the cornerstones of the Nordea’s mobile app and most importantly – free of charge. Bill payments, payment processing or acknowledgment of wage receipt – from now on, our customers can have even more control over their finances,” says Jānis Paksis, Head of Nordea Digital Banking in the Baltic countries.

Push notifications include:

  • Notification regarding all incoming payments in the current account
  • Notifications regarding outgoing payments exceeding a specific limit pre-defined by the customer
  • Notification when the account balance drops below a specific limit pre-defined by the customer
  • Offers from Nordea (e.g. new campaigns, products)
  • Alerts from Nordea (e.g. Netbank / ATM availability, changes in opening times etc.) 

How to enable push notifications? 

First of all, you will need to update the latest version of the Nordea mobile banking app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Then the new feature can be enabled by selecting “Push Notifications” under “Settings”. Once the feature is turned on, customers can choose which notifications to receive directly on their smartphone. Push notifications are available for iPhone and Android smartphone users who have installed and use the Nordea mobile banking app.
Please note that as of April 1st, mobile banking app will only work for those customers who have switched to the new authentications tools – the Nordea Codes app or the new Codes calculator. For more information about the new authentication solutions, visit Nordea Codes http://kodi.nordea.lv/

* The online survey was organized by SIA "Omnicom Media Group" using "European Society for Opinion and Market Research" (ESOMAR; www.esomar.org) standards. The survey was held in February 2017 and included 2126 respondents in all Baltic countries in the age group of 18-65.

For additional information contact:

Edgars Žilde, Nordea Communications Project Manager, tel. 6 700 5434, mob. 28 452 975, edgars.zilde@nordea.com