20.01.2017 .

New authentication methods will be obligatory starting in April

As of 1 April 2017, it will no longer be possible to use Nordea bank’s single-use code cards and old code calculators for authentication when using the Netbank or mobile bank. The old solutions will be replaced with the new Nordea Codes app and new Codes calculator that are already available for customers for free when using the Netbank.

Nordea has been offering Netbank users the opportunity to switch from the current single-use code cards to the new generation ID methods like the Nordea Codes app or the new Codes calculator since 1 January 2016 in Lithuania and 24 September 2016 in Estonia and Latvia.

As the transformation process is coming to an end, we kindly recommend exchanging your code card and code calculator for a new generation authentication solution as soon as possible using Nordea Netbank. Four methods will be available when using the Netbank, mobile and telephone banking: the Nordea Codes app, new codes calculator, eID card and 4-digit password.

“Nordea continues to develop innovative and safe digital solutions that meet the requirements and needs of the modern lifestyle. I am pleased to say that the new authentication methods have proven to be very reliable and easy to use,” says Jānis Paksis, Head of Nordea Digital Banking in the Baltic countries.

About new generation authentication solutions:

  • The new Code calculator is similar to old code calculators and is free of charge for all private Netbank users;
  • The Codes app functions even when the mobile data connection is switched off or unavailable for any reason;
  • Both authentication methods also work when using telephone banking;
  • The new solutions are convenient and very secure.

Once again, Nordea invites Customers to choose one of the new or alternative identification methods before 1 April 2017.

Due to the introduction of the new authentication methods, Nordea changed the terms of phone and online bank user agreements for private and corporate customers last year. The terms are available on the Nordea webpage here.

Find more information about Nordea codes app and new code calculator at http://kodi.nordea.lv/en

For additional information contact:
Edgars Žilde, Communications Project Manager at Nordea Bank; phone: 6 700 5434, GSM: 28 452 975, e-mail:edgars.zilde@nordea.com