29.03.2017 .

New Nordea authentication tools will be compulsory from 1st April

This is to inform that from 1st April 2017, in line with the European Union requirements, Nordea Bank disposable Code Cards and old (beige coloured) Code Calculators will no longer be valid, therefore customers must choose and activate the new authentication methods to access the Netbank, Mobile bank and the Telephone bank, as well as to make the secure purchases on the Internet. Access to the Netbank, using eID card, will not be affected.

The Bank kindly asks you to replace the old authentication tools by ordering the new Nordea Codes app or the new Code Calculator free of charge as soon as possible in the Netbank under section “Settings”, at the Nordea Customer Service Centres or by calling to Nordea Contact Centre.

The delivery of a new Code Calculator takes about two weeks. If it has been already ordered and received, please activate it today. The Nordea Codes app is available for use as soon as activated. The app is activated after installation by the first authorization in the Netbank or by confirming a secure purchase on the Internet.

Private customers who hold an additional card must also activate the new authentication tools. For corporate customers – if the user of the company’s Netbank is using several profiles, the authentication tools must be replaced for each of the profiles. Finally, all employees who use their company’s Nordea Business Cards must activate the new authentication tools.

From 1st April 2017, the full access to remote banking services and the possibility to make secure purchases on the Internet, as well as to order new authentication tools in the Netbank will be closed for those customers who are not using the new authentication tools or an eID card (an electronic identification card). As of 1st April 2017, the only possibility to receive them will be a personal visit to one of the Nordea Customer Service Centres.

Although the possibility of authentication using an eID card or an electronic identification card and a 4-digit password will be preserved, the disposable Code Card and the old Code Calculator must be replaced until the end of March – the new European Union regulations come into effect as of 1st April 2017.

Where and what authentication devices will be available from 1st April:

  • Nordea Netbank authentication will be possible by means of the new Nordea Codes app, the new Code Calculator, eID card and a 4-digit password;
  • Nordea Mobile bank authentication will be possible by means of the new Nordea Codes app, the new Code Calculator and a 4-digit password;
  • Nordea Telephone bank authentication will be possible by means of the new Nordea Codes app and the new Code Calculator;
  • Secure purchases on the Internet using a payment card (3D Secure) will be only possible with the authentication by means of the new Nordea Codes app and the new Code Calculator.   

We invite you to login to your Netbank today and to choose and activate one of the new authentication tools, whichever is the most relevant for you. 

Should you have any questions, please reach out to Nordea Contact Centre by phone (+371) 67 096 096 or e-mail info@nordea.lv.

For more information please visit kodi.nordea.lv/enOpens new window.

For additional information contact:

Edgars Žilde, Nordea Communications Project Manager, tel. 6 700 5434, mob. 28 452 975, edgars.zilde@nordea.com