19.04.2016 .

Nordea: more customers willing to “attend bank” remotely

As a response to customer needs, in the beginning of March Nordea in Baltic countries opened Online Advisory Branch, being the first bank to offer such customer service solution. One of two customers after having remote consultation would recommend this solution to others.

During first month around 50 online meetings per week were held for private customers in Baltic countries, showing an increasing trend onwards. In the first days of April more than 120 Online meetings were held. On average, web-based meetings lasted for 30 minutes and the preferable time for most customers that applied for the meeting was after working hours, confirming once again the need for flexible, efficient and available customer service – any place, any time.

“I am very glad that customers’ first feed-back is positive in all the three Baltic countries. It is a proof of commitment and professionalism that define daily work of our Online Branch teams, who are moreover open to actively provide feedback and generate new ideas how to make this new customer service channel work,” said Anna Fišere-Kaļķe, Head of Remote sales in Baltic countries.

Online Advisory Branch is a paperless office, enabling customers to conduct banking transactions with the help of a bank officer by the means of an Online meeting solution. To apply for the solution, customers only need internet connection and their online bank user credentials for identification purposes which guarantee complete security when using the tool. In addition to everyday banking, Online Branch also offers advice on more complicated topics like savings and investments or housing loans.
Comparing the preliminary statistics from the all three Baltic countries, Estonian customers have the most interest in housing loans and credit cards, whereas Latvians prefer investment products, but Lithuanians – housing loans and insurance products.

Additional information:
Edgars Žilde, Communication project manager, Nordea Latvia, tel.:6 700 5434, mob.:28 452 975, edgars.zilde@nordea.com