Nordea introduces the new generation authentication tools - Nordea Codes App and Code Calculator

For more efficient daily banking starting September 24, 2016, Nordea is offering Netbank users an opportunity to exchange their current single-use code cards and code calculators for new generation authentication tools - the Nordea Codes App or new Code Calculator.

In relation to EU recommendations to banks on improving the security of online payments, Nordea started to work on new customer authentication methods from January 1, 2016. The new solutions have been successfully implemented in Lithuania in the beginning of 2016 and as of 24 September 2016 are introduced in Estonian and Latvian markets.

As the change is mandatory, customers will be directed towards adopting new authentication methods instead of the old ones. The new solution will improve authentication functionality and security.

About the Nordea Codes App and Code Calculator

  • The Nordea Codes App is free of charge for all customers. Nordea Codes App functions on Android, iOS and Windows Mobile smart devices.
  • The Code Calculator is similar to the existing code calculator and is free of charge.
  • Both tools also support identification in the phone bank.

Nordea’s priority suggestion for customers is to adopt the Nordea Codes App to replace the current code card, as the app is a convenient and very secure solution, which we also plan to upgrade with fingerprint identification in the future.

Codes App remains functional even when the mobile data connection has been switched off or is unavailable for some reason.

From April 1, 2017, single-use code cards and existing code calculators will no longer be valid for authentication upon entering the Netbank and the mobile bank. Nordea advices its customers to make their choice among the new or alternative authentication tools - Codes App, Code Calculator, eID Card.

For more information customers are invited to visit kodi.nordea.lv/en or contact Nordea`s Customer Support by calling +371 67 096 096 or via e-mail info@nordea.lv

Additional information:
Edgars Žilde
, Communication project manager, Nordea Latvia, tel.:6 700 5434, mob.:28 452 975, edgars.zilde@nordea.com