Netbank is a convenient way to make daily settlements, apply for new bank services and consultations, as well as to perform financial transactions 24 hours a day from any place with the access to the Internet.

At home, at work or while travelling,  wherever you have  the access to the Internet, you can make all your important financial transactions without going to the Nordea Customer Service Unit.

Netbank will save your time and money since lower commission fee is applied for Netbank services than at the Customer Service Units.

Using Netbank you can:

  • View your company's account balance and transaction history.
  • Pay bills and make transfers in EUR and other currencies.
  • Import payments from the accounting systems.
  • Apply for standing payments.
  • Execute salary transfers.
  • View information about the deposits.
  • View information about the company's loans, such as the outstanding loan balance, next payment date and amount.
  • Apply for additional cards.
  • Apply for consultations and new bank services, such as a credit, 3rd Pillar Pensions, leasing, a credit card, as well as to open a new account.
  • Contact your bank, submit an application, receive consultations and information on Nordea services by using confidential electronic mail in the section Correspondence.
  • Access company's Netbank by using private customer Netbank access; for more information about Profiles function, see the section's Netbank function Profiles.
  • Allocate access to the Netbank for several users with different levels of access rights.
  • Perform identification with electronic identification codes or electronic signature.

To Become a Nordea Netbank Client:

  • Visit any Nordea Customer Service Unit.
  • If the company does not have a Nordea bank account, it is required to open one.
  • Fill out the contract for the use of Netbank.
  • Receive a customer user number and an electronic identification code card.


If your electronic identification code card is lost, stolen, or you have doubts about the security of the codes, immediately contact the Nordea Contact Centre at +371 67 096 096 at any time of the day and block the access to the e-services.

General terms for the companies using Nordea Netbak services

Use the code calculator in order to gain access to the Netbank easily and securely, make payments for purchases on the Internet as well as to identify on portals.  It is smaller than credit card and comfortable to put in your wallet. Moreover you don't need to think anymore about the codes left, because code calculator generates the codes automatically.

You can use code calculator for

  • Making transactions on Netbank, mobile application.
  • Making payments for purchases on the Internet.
  • Identification on portals.
  • Making transactions, calling the Nordea Contact Centre.
  • The Nordea code calculator is available to private and corporate customers at any Nordea Customer Service Unit. The connection fee for the code calculator is calculated according to the Price List.


How to generate PIN for the first time?
1. Turn on the code calculator while pressing down the  key and then press  key.
2. Enter the standard PIN 12345.
3. After entering the standard PIN you will be prompted to set a new PIN — a message „NEW PIN”
4. Enter the PIN code chosen by you; when the message „PIN CONF” is displayed, enter the PIN code chosen by you one more time.
5. After a successful operation the message NEW PIN CONF will be displayed of the screen.
6. The next time you turn on your code calculator, use the PIN you generated.

How to generate a code?

1. Turn on the code calculator while pressing down the  key and then press key.
2. Enter the PIN you made.
3. A 6-digit code will be displayed on the screen. You can use this code to log in and perform other operations on the Internet.

How to change the PIN?

1.  Turn on the code calculator while pressing down  key and then press  key.
2. Enter the PIN you made.
3. Simultaneously press and hold both and key.
4. You will be prompted to make a new PIN — a message „NEW PIN”.
5. Enter the new PIN chosen by you and after the message „PIN CONF” has been displayed, enter the new PIN chosen by you one more time.
6. After a successful operation the message NEW PIN CONF will be displayed of the screen.
7. The next time you turn on your code calculator, use the PIN you set.

If you enter a wrong PIN code, message "FAIL" is displayed in the code calculator screen as well as the number indicating the wrong input times. The error message remains on the screen even after turning on and off the code calculator. In order to enter the PIN code one more time, press  key.

If the PIN code is entered incorrectly for three subsequent times, the code calculator is blocked. Message "LOCK PIN" appears at the top of the screen, and after you press  key the message "FAIL 3" is replaced by the combination of 7 digits. This combination is required in order to unlock the code calculator. Visit the nearest Nordea Customer Service Centre to unlock the code calculator.

Nordea mobile Netbank is available via  Nordea mobile application or by entering the address in your mobile phone.

The mobile Netbank will facilitate your daily life. You will be able to perform the bank operations with your mobile phone. You can access the mobile Netbank any time and any place with mobile network coverage and without PC or other peripheral equipment.

Nordea mobile Netbank gives you access to basic bank services:

  • Follow the accounts transaction history.
  • Perform the payments and check the cash inflows.
  • See the card information.
  • View information about your credits and leasing.
  • Switch between private customers; Netbank and corporate customers Netbank.
  • Send and receive messages by going to the section Correspondence.


To use the mobile Netbank, your phone should support data transmission connection and should be equipped with an HTML browser. The connection is made using GPRS data transmission technology.

You will be charged by telecommunication operators for your connection to Nordea Netbank.


 Mobile operator "Bite"

If your mobile operator is "Bite", you can use the Nordea mobile application and the Mobile Netbank free of charge! Megabytes that are consumed for using the Mobile Netbank and app will not be charged to your phone bill.

The offer of free use of data transmission is valid while the user is in the territory of Latvia. Please be aware that any megabytes that are used to receive services from third parties, for example, to search for information on maps (ATMs, branch offices and sales points), and megabytes required for downloading and updating the app will be charged according to the relevant rate plan.

Learn more about the conditions of this offer here. Liability for the provision of this service is assumed by SIA “Bite Latvija”.

The security of Nordea Netbank’s services is guaranteed by the digital certificate VeriSign and SSL standards.

The light login is a static password generated by you — 4-digit combination for convenient Netbank use. When logging in with this password on the Netbank or the mobile Netbank using the mobile application, you can:

  • Check your account balance.
  • See the information about services currently available at Nordea Bank.
  • Settle the payments between the accounts without additional login.

Perform other operations on the Internet or via mobile Netbank. The system will automatically prompt you to enter the authorization code from the code card or by using the e-signature.

How to create a 4-digit password

  • Go to Netbank's section „Settings — Light Login”.
  • Choose a 4-digit password and enter it into the indicated field. The password should contain 4 digits; at least two of the digits should be different. It is forbidden to use four consecutive digits (e.g.1234).
  • Then, confirm the action with a code from the code card or e-signature.
  • For security reasons, the password will have to be changed every three months.
  • When visiting the Netbank in the future, you will be able to choose the type of login — with a quick login password, a code from the code card or a e-signature.