Financial Risk Identification and Management

Nordea Markets is responsible for financial risk identification and management of foreign exchange transactions, transactions in money and goods / commodity markets, index-linked investment products transactions, credit derivatives and other derivative financial instruments.

Nordea Markets provides a variety of convenient financial instruments using Internet solutions. 

Identification of risk, such as interest rate risk, exchange rate risk, commodity price risk and other financial risks, is indispensable so in the event of fluctuations in the financial market, the company would not incur important and unexpected losses.

Nordea Markets experts can help the company to develop financial risk management policy.

  • Make a clear definition of financial risk management objective.
  • Set up financial instruments used for risk management.
  • Impose restrictions on the use of financial instruments in accordance with the financial risk management objective.
  • Clearly assign the levels of responsibility.
  • Ensure full internal control of the use of financial instruments.

Nordea Markets offers a wide range of financial tools and customized solutions for the implementation of company's financial risk management.

  • Exchange rates risk management: foreign exchange Spot transactions, foreign exchange Forward transactions, foreign exchange Swap transactions, currency option transactions.
  • Interest rate risk management: interest rate Swap transactions, interest rate option transactions, complex solutions.


Nordea Markets provides comprehensive support for making various decisions. For example, during the implementations of financial risk management policy company needs information, analysis and ideas on how to choose the right risk management transactions at the right time.

One of the most comprehensive sources of financial information is e-Markets platform that provides essential information, Nordea Markets publications and current news on financial market. For more information about the e-Markets, please visit 

Online Trading
Using e-Markets financial portal online mode, you have the possibility to make foreign exchange Spot, Forward un Swap transactions trading, based on traded exchange prices. The list of all e-Markets transactions can be easily transferred to an Excel file and process if necessary. Foreign exchange transactions can be executed from 8.30 to 23.00.

Various analytical, internet-based tools for company's resource managers and professional investors. Here you can create the schedules of currency exchange rates or interest rates and much more.

Nordea research and Strategy
Nordea Markets economists and analysts  work actively to offer the best ideas and the basis for decision-making — from global economic research to daily market reviews.
e-Markets Nexus

Suggestions and Recommendations
Nordea Markets helps to gather ideas and make decisions on the financial risk prevention, according to the company's financial risk management policy.


Benefits for the company that uses Nordea Markets Services

  • Identification of financial risks before execution of transaction.
  • Development of financial risk management policy according to the company's needs.
  • Access to competitive prices, exchange rates and rates on the financial markets.
  • Possibility to execute transaction online with the electronic trading platform e-Markets.
  • Researches and reports about financial markets and economic development prepared by Nordea analysts.