Current Account

The current account at Luminor Bank AS provides an opportunity for the company to use the services of the bankrapidly and effectively at Luminor Bank AS Customer Service Units, in Netbank, in the electronic payment systems as well as the services of the Contact Centre.

The company have the following possibilities by using the current account:

  • Operate with different currencies: EUR, USD, SEK, DKK, NOK, GBP, CHF, RUR, JPY.
  • Make and receive transfers.
  • Deposit and withdraw cash from the account.
  • Process scheduled payments and automatic payment of invoices.
  • Convert currency. For current exchange rates and a currency calculator see the Currency Rates section.
  • Keep track of cash flows with accounts information and statements.


You can make the following actions for the current account:

  • Link one or more credit cards.
  • Connect the Netbank.
  • Perform transactions using Contact Centre services during the day or at night.

To open a current account you should provide documentation that identifies the company and the person who represents the company. Depending on the nature of the activity of the legal entity, the bank may require to submit the documents certifying the nature of company’s activity such as the statutes and license.

In order to open a current account, a limited liability company or a joint stock stock company registered in Latvia  are required to submit the following documents:

  • A note issued by the Enterprise Register about the company’s legal form, registration, legal address and officials with right of representation (not older than 15 days) or printout issued by the database and certified by the client. The printout is printed in the bank. Commission fee is charged according to the Price List.
  • Present the official’s passport or identity card.

Current account can be opened at any Customer Service Unit.

When a new company is established, you can open a temporary current account and transfer the necessary funds for the share capital. As soon as the company is registered in the Commercial Register, the temporary account is processed as the current account and the company can deal with account funds.

In order to open an account, a limited liability company or a joint stock company registered in Latvia are required to submit the following documents:

  • The constituent act of the company or a decision on the establishment of the company.
  • The passport or the identity card of the person indicated in the constituent act or the decision on the persons who are authorised to open a temporary account in the bank.
  • If the company is established by one person, who wants to open a temporary account in the bank, the authorisation is not to be indicated in the constituent act.