Cash Collection

Cash collection is a service providing delivery of cash to and from a fixed address.

Nordea offers to deliver cash to and from an address as requested by the customer, as well as transportation, handling, storing of cash and transferring to the client company’s bank account.


  • Money is delivered to the place according to the needs of client’s company. Cash collection service is available within the entire territory of Latvia.
  • The amount of money is insured at the very moment it is transferred to the collector.
  • The amount is available in your bank account on the next business day.
  • There is no commission fee applied for cash-in transactions or nominal exchange.
  • No need to deliver cash to the Nordea Customer Service Unit.
  • Choose the most convenient cash collection frequency, time and place of delivery for your company.


The cash collection service for Nordea clients is provided by G4S and EUROCASH1. To apply for the cash collection service please contact any of the above mentioned companies.

More information about the cash collection service is available at any Nordea Customer Service Unit.