MasterCard Business Credit Card

MasterCard Business credit card can be used conveniently within the credit limit approved by the company. The users of the card receive foreign travel insurance for free.

MasterCard Business credit card is especially suitable for the needs of company’s employees. It can be easily used during the business trips, to book a hotel or a rental car online, to pay for the business lunch etc.

The user of the card can access funds in the amount of a monthly credit limit approved by the company.

If several employees of the company need a MasterCard Business credit card, a specific credit limit can be set for each user.
Information about purchases made with the cards is available in Netbank and credit card bills you can receive in the bank, by mail or in Netbank.

Bank cards issued after 01.09.2017 will be supplemented with a modern and very convenient advantage – contactless payment function, which allows paying for small purchases up to EUR 10 in the Baltic States without inserting the card into POS terminal and entering a PIN code.

The MasterCard Business credit cards users receive the prestigious foreign travel insurance policy with exclusive benefits. For additional information, see the section “Travel insurance”.


  • Possibility to perform transactions within the credit limit approved by the company.
  • Interest-free credit for up to 50 days.
  • Foreign travel insurance policy for free.
  • Payments on the internet as well as in the commercial areas in Latvia and abroad are without commission.
  • Possibility to book a hotel, the airline tickets and to rent a car online.
  • Possibility to receive several cards for a number of employees.

With MasterCard Business credit card you can withdraw cash from the ATMs in Latvia and abroad. Commission is calculated according to the Price List.

  • MasterCard Business credit card is available for EUR currency.
  • The available limit is 1400 EUR in 24 hours. Minimum credit limit: 150 EUR.
  • Spent credit limit is automatically covered on 20th day of the following month from the current account indicated in the contract.

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