Log in with Nordea electronic identification code to pay for purchases and services on the internet. It is easy and does not require much time.

You have a possibility to pay for purchases and services with the identification code that is used to sign in Nordea Netbank.

When paying a bill the client chooses Nordea Bank as the payment method. By entering the respective electronic identification code, the system automatically offers to confirm the payment with the details of the service provider and amount of the payment.

To order the e-payment service installation, contact the contact person of your company at Nordea Bank.
If a company is not a client of Nordea Bank, a current account should be opened at Nordea Bank; you are required to also present the company’s registration certificate, the passports of the authorized signatories and the copy of the Articles of Incorporation.

An agreement shall be signed on providing the service of e-payment. Commission fee is charged according to the Price List.