Automatic Payment

Automatic payment is a safe way to stop being worried about making payment for received services in time.

Automatic payments ensure payment of invoices form the company’s account on a specified date.
The service is a convenient way to pay invoices for leasing companies, banks, utility companies, telecommunications, electricity and other service providers.

Automatic payments can be settled in EUR currency.

Apply for automatic payments:

Commission for automatic payments is be charged according to the Nordea Price List. If the currency of the invoice is different from the currency of the payment, the currency conversion of the corresponding amount is performed according to the exchange rate set by the bank on the day of payment.

The invoice is settled automatically if there are sufficient funds on the specified payment date.

The settlement date of automatic payment is specified in the company’s agreements signed with the respective service providers. For more information about a specific service provider billing terms click here.

Automatic payment is settled with AS Itella Information system, acting as an intermediary for the exchange of information between the company and the bank. If you wish the invoices for the services provided by the companies to be settled automatically, please contact AS OpusCapita.

Automatic payments for invoices can be settled in EUR currency.

  • You do not have to worry about penalty fees in case of delayed payment date.
  • Every month the service provider informs the bank about the actual amount of an invoice. Thus an exact amount of an invoice is always settled.
  • It saves time and worries because you do not need to go to the Customer Service Unit or use Netbank every month.
  • Payments are always settled with the right details since the system automatically prepares the payment with the details indicated in the invoice. This is particularly useful if a service provider has changed the details.
  • You can set the maximum amount the company can use for the automatic payments.
  • Information about settled invoices is available in your account statement.