Outgoing payments in Russian rubles

Special terms are applicable to payments in Russian rubles (RUB) and transfers to other banks to any other country and we kindly ask you to take note of these.

  • The payment information must be specified in Russian using Latin letters in compliance with the following transliteration rules.
  • Аа  Бб  Вв  Гг  Дд  Ее  Жж  Зз  Ии  Йй  Кк  Лл  Мм  Нн  Оо Пп Рр
    A    B   V    G   D   E    ZH  Z   I     Y   K    L    M    N    O   P  R
  • Сс  Тт  Уу  Фф  Хх  Цц  Чч  Шш  Щщ  Ъъ  Ыы  Ьь  Ээ  Уу  Яя
    S   T   U    F     H   C    CH  SH   TSH  X    YI   X   YE   YU YA
  • If any information, for example, the beneficiary’s name, is entered contrary to the terms above , there is a risk that the payment will not be transferred to the beneficiary’s account and it will be returned to the payer.

The payment information must be stated as follows:

Beneficiary Details

Legal entities – the company name and the Beneficiary INN code (10 digits), natural entities – name, surname, patrimonial. 

If the Beneficiary’s name exceeds 35 characters, the rest of the name is entered in the field “Beneficiary’s address”

Beneficiary’s address The company or natural entity’s address of the place of residence. Up to 105 symbols can be entered in this field.
Beneficiary’s bank account Beneficiary’s bank account, 20 digits (the number starts with 40).
Beneficiary’s Bank Details
Bank name The beneficiary bank name
Bank address

The beneficiary bank address and the beneficiary bank BIK code (9digits). You should take into account that the BIC (SWIFT) code of the bank should not be stated.
Beneficiary bank correspondent account with the Central bank of the Russian Federation (20 digits, starts with number 30 and last three digits of the account number corresponds with last three digits of the beneficiary bank BIC code).

Payment details 
Payment purpose The transaction code (VO) (list in Russian  / list in English) consisting of 5 digits must be stated first. It is stated in the form VO00000; there is a space after the VO code and then the payment purpose, contract, invoice No

You should take into account that if the payment is not made in compliance with the  terms above, the payment may be delayed until the moment of receiving full information on the beneficiary.

The payment will be rejected if the required information is not submitted by the date by which the payment has to be transferred to the beneficiary bank or intermediate bank in compliance with the price list (Within two days for standard payments and within one day for urgent payments).

For receiving a rouble payment you need the following bank details:
Intermediary bank

"ZAO Unicredit Bank (BIK 044525990, C/A
30101810145250000990), INN 7710030411

OJSC Nordea Bank (BIC 044525990, C/A

Correspondent bank Nordea Bank Finland Plc, Helsinki SWIFT code: NDEAFIHH
C/A 30111810800013057890
Recipient bank Nordea Bank AB Latvia Branch SWIFT code: NDEALV2X
The account of the beneficiary The account number of the beneficiary in Nordea Bank AB
Latvia Branch
Beneficiary The surname, first name and address, or the company
name and address of the beneficiary
The purpose of the payment The purpose of the payment