E-identification offers you the possibility to sign in not only in Nordea Netbank but also in other portals with Nordea electronic identification code. It is easy and timesaving to use different e-services.

E-identification is a service providing the opportunity to identify the customers in a company’s home page. Customers use Nordea electronic identification code to log on Nordea Netbank.

When the authorization is done the customers can make orders or pay for purchases using the e-payment or card acceptance service on the internet.

Customers' personal information is put into safe information channels which ensure complete data protection. Neither the company nor the customers have to worry about the disclosure of information to the third parties.

E-service identification codes can be used to log on different portals such as www.latvija.lv, www.eriga.lv, www.latvenergo.lv, www.lattelecom.lv, www.if.lv.

  • The company can reliably identify customers without having to provide customer numbers and passwords.
  • This facilitates considerably the payment of bills, making of orders and other transactions for the customer.
  • The company knows exactly who it is dealing with, because the customers have been identified by Nordea Netbank System.
  • Personal data of the customers is sent only through secure information channels ensuring complete data protection.
  • No need to create new client numbers and passwords.

In order to install the e-identification service in a company's home page or portal contact with your company’s contact person at Nordea Bank.

If a company is not a client of Nordea Bank, a current account should be opened at Nordea Bank; you also are required to present the company’s registration certificate, the passports of the authorized signatories and the copy of the Articles of Incorporation.

An agreement shall be signed on providing the service of e-identification.