Electronic Banking System

Electronic payment system offers a convenient way to manage company's accounts 24 hours a day from any place with the access to the internet. Faster way to settle payments with lower commission fees in comparison with submitting a payment order in the bank.

Electronic payment system facilitates the transfer of salaries or settlement of other standing or timely scheduled payments. For example, if you need to transfer salaries to 30 employees to their accounts on a specific date, it is possible to make it as a single payment. Transfers to the accounts at Nordea Bank are without commission.

System Options

  • Settle domestic and foreign payments in any currency.
  • Convert currency according to the current exchange rate as well as agree on a better exchange rate.
  • Receive an account statement for a chosen day.
  • Get information about your account balance and / or the current day's transactions.
  • Get information about international incoming payments.
  • Create beneficiaries' database.
  • Use the program even when your PC is not connected to the internet For example, access history data and prepare the payments which are going to be executed as soon as the internet connection will be available.

In order to set up Nordea electronic payment system, contact your company’s contact person at Nordea Bank or conclude an agreement for the use of system in any Nordea Customer Service Unit.

  • Company's data are protected against the unauthorized access using PTU security system which conforms to Finland's Banking Association safety standards.
  • Each user of the system has individual password and username.
  • It is possible to set access to certain system settings for each user.
  • The payments can be authorized with one or several signatures.
  • It is possible to set transaction limit for each user of the system.