Nordea Online

Keeping up with the global trends of digitalization and changing client needs for
modern, quick and convenient ways to receive banking services, we have developed
a new channel of bank services - Nordea Online. Now Nordea services can be accessed remotely by using your computer, tablet or smartphone without leaving your office.

What is Nordea Online Consultation?

Nordea Online Consultation is support for your business that provides faster availability of professional bank services and consultations at a suitable time and in a suitable way.  All you need – a computer, Internet connection, telephone and Nordea Netbank code card, application or calculator.

During the Online Consultation you can discuss any questions related to your company‘s finances, such as short-term and long-term credit options and application for leasing or overdraft. Related materials and calculations will be shown on your computer screen, while discussing your banking operations on the phone or by using a computer headset with a microphone.

The time of the Online Consultation can be booked by calling Nordea Online Corporate Division by phone at 67 005 788.

This is what you shoud do

Technical information

If you are a corporate client of Nordea and you do not have Internet access, please, call Nordea Online Corporate Division by phone at 67 005 788.

By calling the Nordea Online Corporate Division you will be able to receive consultation on the main Nordea bank services:
• short-term loans,
• long-term loans,
 leasing of vehicles and industrial machinery,
• factoring,
• guarantees,
• transaction accounts,
• E-identification and E-payments.

You can receive Nordea Online Corporate Division consultations during working days from 9.00-18.00.




If you have a need for essential everyday bank services, you can contact the Nordea Contact Center by calling 67 096 096 or writing to the e-mail

Nordea Contact Center allows you to receive information and consulting on banking services, as well as to carry out transactions at any time of a day 7 days a week.

By calling the Contact Center, you can:
• check your account balance and make payments,
• make deposits and find out their status,
• apply for consultations and new bank services, such as credit, 2nd Pillar Pensions, leasing, credit cards, as well as to open a new account,
• obtain information about your loans, such as the outstanding loan balance, next payment date and amount,
• get answers to your questions about bank services,

Choose the Contact Centre to perform your financial transactions. It saves you time, since you do not have to visit the Customer Service Unit.

To carry out different complexity financial transactions contact Nordea Online Corporate Division by calling 67 005 788 or the Contact Center by phone at 67 09 6096.

Nordea mobile application provides safe, quick and easy way to use bank services for Apple iPhone and Android powered smartphone users. Download the application for free at AppStore or Play Store sites and enjoy the convenience it provides.


iPad Application

Benefits of using Nordea iPad application:

  • Use all Nordea netbank services.
  • Securely maintain multiple user profiles for faster access to netbank.
  • Find nearest Nordea Customer Service Units and ATMs in the map.
  • Use the currency, credit and savings calculator.
  • Keep up with the stock price changes.
  • Contact Nordea Contact Center and get answers to your questions.
  • Easy to change application language.


Mobile Netbank

Nordea mobile Netbank is available via  Nordea mobile application or by entering the address in your mobile phone.

Nordea mobile Netbank gives you access to basic bank services:

  • Follow the accounts transaction history.
  • Perform the payments and check the cash inflows.
  • See the card information.
  • View information about your credits and leasing.
  • Switch between private customers;
  • Netbank and corporate customers Netbank.
  • Send and receive messages by going to the section Correspondence.

Knowing how important each moment is for your business, Nordea Online ensures quick decisions, simple processes and the opportunity to consult with us regardless of your location.

Nordea Online provides all the major daily and long-term bank services:

• short-term loans,
• long-term loans,
• leasing of vehicles and industrial machinery,
• factoring,
• guarantees,
• transaction accounts,
• e-identification and e-payments.

Apply for bank services remotely by filling out the application form electronically!

What are the benefits that your company can gain from Nordea Online?

Saving time. You no longer have to spend time visiting the bank, because most of the services can be received remotely. For example, to order a business card, all you have to do is fill in an online application form, which will be automatically sent to Nordea Online Division for processing.

Online Consultations. Financial advice or consultation with the bank no longer requires a physical meeting, because you can do so online from any comfortable spot of your choice. During the consultation you will be able to see the Nordea consultant, as well as to read, share and keep up with the necessary materials.

Availability. You will be served by a consulting group, which means that your calls and requests will be processed faster since the processing will be carried out by the first available Nordea corporate consultant.

Speed of services. Nordea Online will make the decision making process and processing of your requests faster.

Apply for an Online Consultation here or by calling 67 005 788 and a professional team of Nordea experts will be at your disposal ready to provide personalized advice and recommend financial solutions at a time and place that works for you.

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Nordea Online
Corporate Advisor

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Nordea Online
Corporate Advisor

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Nordea Online
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Nordea Online
Corporate Advisor

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Nordea Online
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Nordea Online
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To take advantage of the Nordea Online privileges - remotely applying for bank services and signing transaction contracts - use an e-signature, which has the same legal force as documents that have been signed on paper. This way you save your time and money that would be spent on visiting a Nordea branch for the preparation and signing of documents.

You can purchase the E-signature remotely if upon receipt you have activated the E-identification card. You can apply for E-signature also onsite by submitting an application for the use of an E-signature in the Customer Service Centre in Riga, Pērses iela 2.

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