Car/industrial equipment insurance during the leasing period

The leasing object has to be insured throughout the entire leasing period. Recipient of leasing must purchase the Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance (CASCO) and the Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance (CTPL) policies. If you choose insurance policy of Luminor Līzings SIA, you will receive an especially beneficial insurance offer:

  • Discount from the standard price;
  • Insurance (premium) will be divided into 12 months with no additional fee;
  • Invoice about insurance will be sent together with the leasing invoice;
  • Upon paying the indemnity, the remaining amount of insurance premium will not be collected.

Insurance contracts are concluded with the mediation of insurance brokers SIA “IIZI Brokers” (reg.No. 40003470836, address Vienības avenue 109, Riga, LV-1084, telephone 67 227 739, e-mail

CASCO insurance compensates damages that have occurred, for example, in an accident, collision, by some object falling into the vehicle, in case of theft or other unforeseeable circumstances.

CTPL insurance compensates damages to third persons that have suffered in an accident, for example, driver who is not guilty for the accident, passengers etc.

Insurance provisions:

  • Luminor Līzings SIA has to be stated as the beneficiary in the CASCO policy;
  • The amount of cover has to be equal to the market value of the leasing object, VAT included, at the moment of concluding the policy;
  • Deductibles for damages of vehicles with GVM (gross vehicle mass) up to 3500 kg cannot exceed 500 EUR; Deductibles in case of total loss, theft and/or robbery cannot exceed 15% of the amount of cover;
  • Deductibles for damages of vehicles with GVM over 3500 kg cannot exceed 1000 EUR;
  • Deductibles in case of total loss, theft and/or robbery cannot exceed 15% of the amount of cover;
  • The following risks shall be covered by the CASCO policy: accident (damages), natural events, fire, theft, robbery, illegal conducts by third persons;
  • One of the following territories shall be indicated in the CASCO policy: Latvia, the Baltic States, Europe, Europe + CIS.

Insurance companies accepted by Luminor Līzings SIA during validity term of the leasing contract:

The name of company
Baltijas Apdrošināšanas Nams
InterRisk Vienna Insurance Group
BTA Baltic Insurance Company
Compensa Vienna Insurance Group ADB Latvijas filiāle
ERGO Insurance SE Latvijas filiāle
Gjensidige Baltic
If P&C Insurance AS Latvijas filiāle
Seesam Insurance AS Latvijas filiāle
Swedbank P&C Insurance AS Latvijas filiāle
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