Leasing of Industrial Machinery and Commercial Vehicles

If a company plans to purchase manufacturing equipment, machinery or commercial transport, Luminor leasing will find the best solution to materialize the plan as soon possible.

Luminor offers financial lease for the following purposes:

  • Purchase of fixed assets for expanding and modernizing the technical basis.
  • Purchase of new or almost new industrial and technological equipment.
  • Purchase of special and commercial transport.
  • Purchase of special equipment, such as loaders, construction, forestry and agricultural machinery.

Lease purchase (financial leasing) is a funding for the purchase of industrial machinery, equipment and commercial vehicles, which a company would like to use for a longer period of time and keep as a property after the payment of the lease value.

  • The purchase cost of equipment or vehicle will be covered gradually by making monthly payments.
  • At the end of the leasing period, the equipment or vehicle becomes the property of the company.


  • Financing without additional collateral.
  • Maintenance of liquidity.
  • Possibility to adopt the repayment schedule to the company's cash flow, such as seasonal work.
  • Your application will be reviewed and the leasing arranged within 3 business days.


Apply for the leasing by submitting an application at any Customer Service Unit.

  • The seller must be a legal entity.
  • Leasing period: from 6 to 60 months.
  • Down payment amount depends on the duration of lease and leasing object.
  • Interest rate: fixed or variable.
  • Minimum leasing amount: EUR 5000.
  • Lease currency: EUR.
  • Arranging of formalities: up to 1.5 % from total amount of funding + VAT (minimum LVL 150 + VAT).
  • During the entire leasing period the equipment or vehicle should be insured.

Documents for submission for evaluation of leasing grant:

  • Completed application form.
  • The company's financial statements for the last full year, income statement for the last quarter or semester and long-term investments flow review.
  • Sellers offer with the detailed specification of the leasing object (manufacturer, type, model, additional equipment, and price).

Every month the company will receive a monthly lease payment invoice electronically (no charge) or via regular mail (fee in accordance with the Price List).

Companies having entered in more than 5 lease agreements with Luminor Līzings SIA are offered a clearer invoice of lease payments.

All invoices of a type – operating or finance lease – can be joined under one consolidated invoice. Thus, you would receive just one invoice with an annex listing all your lease payments according to the effective lease agreements. Consolidated invoicing is free of charge.

To apply for consolidated invoicing, you are welcome to write an application, no set form required, to e-mail lizings@luminor.lv