Long-Term Loan

Nordea long-term credit is intended to realize a company's long-term projects For example, modernization, new product development, business expansion, financing of new equipment, purchase of real estate and other needs.

Long-term Loan is a convenient solution if a company is planning to:

  • Purchase new equipment, expand production and make it more effective.
  • Purchase real estate that, for example, was rented before.
  • Take a new course of action.
  • Run new business development projects.

The loan is granted by reviewing individually the funding purpose.


  • Possibility to receive funds in total amount or in parts.
  • Funds are suitable for various specific purposes.
  • Repayment period up to 10 years.

Apply for the long-term loan at any Nordea Customer Service Unit or by contacting your company’s contact person at Nordea Bank. Apply for Online consultation and get 50% discount for credit execution.

For granting a long-term loan, collateral is required:

  • Real estate.
  • Movable property, such as company's car.
  • The company owners' guarantee.

Criteria for granting the long-term loan:

  • Company’s financial position.
  • Liabilities at Nordea and other banks, such as leasing, overdraft etc.
  • The funding purpose.