For new customers

Free Business Package 10 or Free Business Package 25* for 12 months

A beneficial opportunity for corporate customers starting cooperation with Nordea — using the most popular bank services according to their company needs without paying monthly fee for the Business Package. 

Business Package 10

  • Connection fee: 7 EUR
  • Monthly fee: 7 EUR

         Set includes:

  • Number of opened accounts: unlimited
  • 10 free SEPA payments
  • Free intrabank payments
  • Number of Netbank users: unlimited
  • Maestro card without a monthly fee: 1
  • PIN calculator: free
  • Savings account: free

Business Package 25

  • Connection fee: 12 EUR
  • Monthly fee: 12 EUR

        Set includes:

  •  Number of opened accounts: unlimited
  • 25 free SEPA payments
  • Free intrabank payments
  • Number of Netbank users: unlimited
  • Maestro cards without a monthly fee: 3
  • PIN calculator: free
  • Savings account: free

Additional provisions:

  • Monthly fee for the Business Package is charged on the last business day of a month.
  • he Business Package includes payments in EUR currency that are made/prepared by using Netbank, regular payments and regular payment orders.
  • Company can make all Nordea intrabank payments for free and in unlimited amount.
  • The price for payments exceeding the limit determined for the package and payments that are not included in the package is indicated in the bank services price list.
  • Cost for services exceeding the limit determined by the package is deducted on the 10th date of the following month.
  • You can find the Terms of use of the Business Package here. General Terms and Conditions for Business Packages.
  • The Business Package does not include separate payments that are combined for joint transferring, for example, salary payments and urgent payments.

If more than 10 inland and European EUR payments are planned per month, we recommend choosing some other Business Package offered by Nordea.

Apply and find out more:

*The offer is valid for newly established companies for 18 months from the date of the registration in the Commercial Register.  After expiry of these periods, the monthly fee for Business Package will be calculated on the basis of the bank’s standard price list.

The person having the right of signature or the authorised person of the company can open an account at any Nordea customer service centre by presenting the following documents:

  • Passport or identification card (ID) of the company’s representative.
  • A Statement (not older than 15 days) from the Enterprise Register of the Republic of Latvia regarding the merchant officials (pursuant to the customer’s request, the bank itself may obtain information from the registers; in that case, a commission will be charged in accordance with the price list of the bank).
  • Memorandum of Association or decision of establishing the company in case a temporary account is opened for establishing the company.

Procedure of opening an account:

  • An application for opening an account must be filled in.
  • A customer questionnaire must be filled in by indicating the information about the company’s economic activities and owners.
  • The Account Opening Agreement and other agreements must be signed depending of the type of chosen products.
  • A card of the company sample signatures must be prepared and signed.
  • A commission for account opening and connecting the bank products must be paid in accordance with the price list of the bank.

Additional information:

  • The procedure of document preparation at the bank takes about 1 hour, and the decision on account opening is made immediately.
  • If necessary, the bank might request additional documents; in that case, the decision on account opening will be made within one business day from the moment of submitting the documents.