Investment Funds

Investment funds offer opportunities for investors who prefer stable return and balanced risk, as well as for those who are open to greater risk and potentially high return. The purpose of the investment funds is to save and increase the assets of their holders.

Investment funds are among the most efficient ways of money saving and investing. It will be the right choice, if a company wants to increase the value of the invested assets or manage the flow of the assets in a more efficient way. Even with a small initial capital, starting from EUR 50, it is possible to enter equity markets by investing in funds with higher or lower risk.

The wide selection of investment funds offered by Nordea makes it possible to choose the right investment strategy tailored for your company and preferred level of risk. Experienced Nordea fund managers invest the assets in shares of promising companies and government bonds expecting the increase of the value of these equities and thus ensuring potential profit.

Unlike the traditional savings or term deposits, these funds combine your money with the assets of other investors thus gaining maximum return. Investment funds are a great alternative to investing in works of art, real estate, movables or other assets.


  • Low minimum investment Minimum investment amount is EUR 50.
  • Liquidity. The investor is free to buy and sell shares of funds and receive money in just a few days, and also freely exchange or supplement your fund portfolio.
  • Diversification. Assets of the funds are being invested in various financial instruments of different risk levels in numerous regions, thus reducing the risk.
  • Professional management. You don't have to spend your time following the developments on the financial markets and deciding on investing in individual stocks. Your investment fund assets will be in good hands of professional Nordea fund managers.

For investment funds pricing and returns see the section Fund Prices.

Price of a share of an investment fund depends on the fluctuation of the fund assets value and it differs every day. By purchasing and selling the fund shares, the difference between the purchase and selling price will be investor's profit. By investing in funds with higher potential returns, the potential risk of loss also increases.

To purchase investment fund shares:

  • Open securities account.
  • Submit order of investment fund purchase in any Nordea Customer Service Unit or contact your company’s contact person at Nordea Bank.

Nordea experts will provide consultations about selection of the investment fund.

Possibility to exchange the purchased funds for other investment funds. For example, if a company has purchased any of the Nordea bond funds but  it wants to purchase an equities fund instead, there is no need to sell the first one and purchase the other. The exchange of funds can be performed at any Nordea Customer Service Unit or by contacting your company’s contact person at Nordea Bank.

Investment fund exchange can be performed in the framework of only one fund group. For example, Nordea fund of funds can be exchanged for fund of funds. Accordingly, all other Nordea funds can be exchanged only for other Nordea funds.