Daily banking package

Are you aware that every month the bank charges fees for the use of various its services? How much do you pay per month for a debit card, money transfers, and paying of invoices? Nordea has created the Daily banking package for you to be able to use necessary bank services actively, on daily basis, and without feeling concerned how much it costs.
2.00 EUR a

The new Daily banking package will provide you an opportunity of unlimited use of the most popular bank services at a fixed monthly fee and to save your financial resources.

The Daily banking package costs only EUR 2.00 a month and it includes:

  • Unlimited number of EUR payments within Europe made in the internetbank: you will be able to make not only money transfers within the bank but also transfers from Nordea to other banks without paying a separate commission fee for each transfer made;
  • Maestro payment card or Nordea Debit without monthly payment
  • Cash withdrawal from ATM: you will be able to withdraw cash without commission fee (0.2%, if monthly withdrawal amount exceeds 1000 EUR) from all Nordea ATMs in the Baltic States and Nordic Countries and from any other ATM in Latvia once in a month.


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