Mobile Application

Nordea mobile application provides safe, quick and easy way to use bank services in Apple devices and for Android powered smartphone users. Download the application for free at AppStore or Google Play Store websites and enjoy the convenience it provides.

You can easily carry out financial transactions with Nordea mobile application at any time and any place.

In order to start using mobile applications, press the download buttons below or scan the respective QR code depending on the device software (iOS or Android) and download Nordea mobile application!

iPhone application

Android application



Create your own 4-digit password for fast access Transfer money and pay for services...anywhere and anytime ATM and Branch map is always at your service and up-to-date

Access indicative rates via currency calculator


For Bite mobile operator's customers

If you are the client of Bite mobile operator, use Nordea mobile application and mobile netbank for free! Megabytes spent using mobile netbank and mobile application will not appear on your phone bill.

Free use of the data is valid, while the user is in the territory of Latvia. Note: megabytes used for receiving services from third parties, e.g. searching for information in maps (ATMs, branches and points of sales), and megabytes required to download and update the application will be charged according to the rate plan.

For more information on the terms and conditions of the offer, please see here. Bite Latvija SIA is responsible for delivering the service.

iPad application can access all netbank functions, the application offers to create several user profiles and easily switch between them.

In order to start using iPad application, press the download button or scan the QR code below and download Nordea iPad application!




With Nordea iPad application you can:

  • Use a full range of Nordea netbank services.
  • Safely maintain multiple user profiles for accelerated access to netbank.
  • Find the nearest ATMs.
  • Use arithmetical, currency, credit and savings calculators.
  • Keep up with the stock price changes.
  • Quickly contact Nordea Contact Center.
  • Easy change the application language.

Sign in Nordea netbank by using:

  • Quick login - 4-digit password created by you.
  • Electronic identification codes or code calculator provided by Nordea.

Nordea mobile netbank is available via Nordea mobile application or by entering the address in your phone.

Nordea mobile netbank gives you access to basic banking services:

  • Follow the transaction history.
  • Make payments and check the cash inflow.
  • See the card information.
  • View information about your credits and leasing.
  • Switch between private customer’s netbank and corporate customer’s netbank.
  • Send and receive bank reports.

To use the mobile netbank, your phone should support data transmission connection and should be equipped with an HTML browser. The connection is made using data transmission technology.

The security of mobile netbank services is guaranteed by VeriSign digital certificate and SSL standard.

Light login

The quick login is a static password created by you — 4-digit combination for convenient netbank use. When logging in with this password on the netbank or the mobile netbank, you can:

  • check your account balance;
  • see the information about services currently available at Nordea Bank;
  • make payments between your accounts without additional login.

To perform other transactions, the system will automatically prompt you to enter the authorization code from the code card or code calculator.

How to create a 4-digit password?

  • Go to the mobile netbank section “Additional features - Quick login”.
  • Choose your 4-digit password and enter it into the indicated field. The password should contain 4 digits; at least two of the digits should be different. Using four consecutive digits (e.g. 1234) is not allowed.
  • Confirm your transaction with a code from the code card or code calculator.
  • For security reasons, the password will have to be changed every three months.
  • When visiting the mobile netbank in the future, you will be able to choose the type of login — with a quick login password, a code from the code card or code calculator.