Contactless payment function

Bank cards issued after 01.09.2017 will be supplemented with a modern and very convenient advantage – contactless payment function, which allows paying for small purchases up to EUR 10 in the Baltic States without inserting the card into POS terminal and entering a PIN code.

Frequently asked questions about the contactless payment function:

  • Is it possible for a POS terminal to accidentally charge the card if the customer has simply passed by the terminal?
A payment POS terminal cannot itself remove funds from a bank account simply as a result of a customer passing by the POS terminal. A sales person must first confirm the transaction and only then the card must be held to the POS terminal.
  • When using a contactless card, is it possible to accidentally get charged twice for the same purchase?

No. The POS terminal accepts only one payment at a time.

  • What if a contactless card gets stolen or lost?

Just like with any other card, immediately notify your bank and block the card.

  • Are payments with contactless cards safe?

Yes. Like regular cards, contactless cards use the highest security standards.

  • Should the existing payment cards be exchanged for the new ones?

Exchanging the existing payment cards to contactless cards is not mandatory. After your existing card is expired you will receive a card with contactless feature.