Maestro Payment Card

Nordea Maestro Payment Card is suitable for salary and other income deposits, daily payments and purchases, as well as cash withdrawals and deposits without an extra commission fee in the Nordea friendly ATM network. The card is available for children over 6.
Nordea Maestro Card is an international payment card, which is most commonly used to receive salary, benefits, pension and other incomes.

Maestro card includes all the basic functions of a credit card. You can quickly and easily access your funds both on the internet and withdraw cash from an ATM. Customers can withdraw cash without extra commission in Nordea ATMs and Citadele banka ATMs in Latvia, as well as in Nordea ATMs in Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Russia.

In order to deposit cash in EUR currency, you can use Nordea or Citadele Bank cash deposit/withdrawal ATMs.

It is possible to link Maestro Payment Card to EUR currency accounts.


  • Money transfers to other Nordea Bank accounts are without commission.
  • Payments on the internet as well as in the commercial areas with Maestro symbol in Latvia and abroad are without commission.
  • Cash withdrawals and deposits in the ATMs.
  • One or several additional cards for other family members, including children over 6 can be attached to the card. Child's card will be attached to the parents' account and you will be able to follow your children expenses.
  • The possibility to use the cash withdrawal service at point of sales.
  • The possibility to use the overdraft.
  • The possibility to transfer consumer credit into the payment card account.
  • You have the option to choose your card design.

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General Terms and Conditions for International MasterCard and International Maestro Cards