Nordea Gold

Cards benefits
Contactless payment

Bank cards issued after 01.09.2017 will be supplemented with a modern and very convenient advantage – contactless payment function, which allows paying for small purchases up to EUR 10 in the Baltic States without inserting the card into POS terminal and entering a PIN code. Find out more

Special offers  

Travel Insurance

Foreign travel insurance policy for free.

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Purchase Insurance

Free purchase Insurance.                    

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Special offers  

Points Savings Account

For each purchase over 7 EUR on the internet or at the point of sales you will receive in points that can be exchanged for various gift cards.

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Opportunity to get discounts and special offers from cooperation partners.

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Easy transactions  

Cash deposit

The possibility to make a cash deposit at any Nordea cash deposit ATM.

Cash withdraw

With the Nordea Gold you can withdraw cash from the ATMs in Latvia and abroad. Commission is calculated according to the Price List.

Payments without commission

Payments on the internet as well as in the commercial areas in Latvia and abroad are without commission.    

Additional cards

You have the possibility to link additional cards for the children or other family members.

Credit limit  

Credit limit

The possibility to use the credit limit allocated by the bank, as well as transfer your funds to the card account.                                         

Flexible repayment schedule

Flexible credit repayment schedule with freely chosen repayment date from the 5th up to the 24th day of a month.

Interest-free credit

Interest-free credit for up to 55 days.


General Terms and Conditions for International MasterCard and International Maestro Cards


General Terms and Conditions for Savings account of points

To get a Nordea Gold, the following criteria should be met:

  • The applicant must be at least 18 years old.

If you wish a credit limit, then:

  • The client must  have regular income of at least EUR 450 after taxes and credit payment at banks.
  • Your liabilities at banks will be taken into account, such as leasing, other credit card credit limit, consumption credit.
  • Applicant must have received the salary in the account at Luminor Bank AS for at least 3 months.
  • Positive credit history.

Terms of the credit card

  • Currency of the credit card: EUR or USD.
  • Minimum credit limit: EUR 150 or USD 200 (you can also apply for the card without a credit limit).
  • Maximum credit limit: four monthly salaries (up to EUR 12,000) or an equivalent amount in another currency.

Repayment of the credit limit

  • Choose the most convenient credit limit repayment day for you from the 5th up to the 24th day of a month.
  • Choose the most convenient credit limit repayment amount from 10% to 100%.
  • The interest rate shall be paid only for the a part of the credit limit you have spent.
  • By repaying the entire amount of the spent credit limit on the specified repayment date, the interest rate is not applied.

Apply for the Nordea Gold:

  • Under Netbank section Applications — Application for credit card.
  • By calling the Contact Center at +371 67 096 096.
  • At any Customer Service Unit.