Nordea Points Savings Account

Payments with Nordea credit cards  – even more advantageous and pleasant now. Nordea credit card users are offered special discounts and privileges, as well as an option to receive surprises for your loyalty from our cooperation partners. The closer your cooperation with the bank, the greater your benefit. 

Nordea Points Savings Account
Nordea Points Savings Account is an option for rewarding yourself for your daily expenses. From now on you will supplement your account for Nordea points with a specified number of points for each purchase over EUR 7 made with Nordea credit card*. You can earn your points for purchases in the Internet, in all shops in Latvia and abroad, as well as for purchasing prepaid cards in ATMs.

For each purchase in the amount of EUR 7 or USD 10 you receive 1.5 points.

In the event additional credit cards are attached to your account, users of these cards will also receive points for their purchases and the points will be accrued in the account attached to these cards.

Information on the accrued points is available in the Internet bank under section Cards. The number of the received points is indicated for each purchase in the amount of at least EUR 7, USD 10 paid with a credit card (depending on the settlement currency). For purchases made in your birthday you will receive double points.

All points accrued during a calendar month will be available for exchange from the first date of the next month. The points must be used within two years from the day they are available for exchange. After expiry of the term the unused points will be deleted.

The accrued points can be exchanged for various goods at our website

* The following cards are attached to the Nordea Points Savings Account: Nordea Credit, Nordea Revolving credit card with grace period, Nordea Gold, as well as Nordea Platinum.