Stockmann MasterCard

Stockmann MasterCard is a unique credit card since it serves both as an international credit card and a discount card offering various benefits for loyal customers of Stockmann department store.

Stockmann MasterCard includes both the benefits of Stockmann Loyal Customer card and an international credit card.

It is advantageous for the payments on the internet as well as at the point of sales in Latvia and abroad. You can use the credit limit allocated by the bank, as well as transfer your funds to the card account.

You can link several additional cards to Stockmann MasterCard account by indicating individual credit limits to each card. Additional card can also be used by children who are older than 12 years.

For information about purchases made with the additional card, see your card account statement and Netbank.

With Stockmann MasterCard you can withdraw cash from the ATMs in Latvia and abroad. Commission is calculated according to the Price List.


  • Interest-free credit for up to 55 days.
  • Flexible credit repayment schedule with freely chosen repayment date from the 5th up to the 24th day of a month.
  • Payments on the internet as well as in the commercial areas in Latvia and abroad are without commission.
  • Possibility to link additional cards for the children or other family members.
  • All the benefits from Stockmann Loyal Customer Card and special offers form the Nordea Bank.
  • The possibility to make a cash deposit at any Nordea cash deposit ATM.

Stockmann  benefits

  • A single 20% discount for 1 item (except for those items for which another discount is applied) by paying with Stockmann MasterCard in Stockmann department store. The discount offer is valid for 2 months from the card receiving date. These discounts do not combine and does not apply to electronic gift cards, food, tobacco, alcohol and electronics.
  • 1 hour in parking lot is being refunded, when making a purchase for more than 40 EUR in Stockmann department store. This discount is valid only for Stockmann underground parking lot and multi-storey parking lot at 2 Prāgas street.
    For more about these and other benefits see

General Terms and Conditions for International MasterCard and International Maestro Cards


Terms for Stockmann MasterCardOpens new window

To get a Stockmann MasterCard the following criteria are taken into account:

  • The customer must be at least 18 years old.
  • The customer must  have regular net income of at least 700 EUR.
  • The customer must  have  a positive credit history.

Terms of the credit card:

  • Credit card currency: EUR.
  • Minimum credit limit: 300 EUR.
  • Maximum credit limit: amount of four monthly salaries (up to 12 000 EUR).

Repayment of the credit limit:

  • Choose the most convenient credit limit repayment day for you from the 5th up to the 24th day of a month.
  • Choose the most convenient credit limit repayment amount per month  — from 10% to 100%. The interest rate shall be paid only for the credit limit part that you have spent.
  • By repaying the entire amount of the spent credit limit on the specified repayment date, the interest rate is not applied.

Apply for Stockmann MasterCard:

  • Fill in the application electronically.
  • At any Nordea Customer Service Unit.
  • At Stockmann department store’s Loyal Customer Service (4th floor).