Travel Insurance

Choose Nordea Gold or Nordea Platinum and receive the prestigious foreign travel insurance policy AIG Europe for you and your family for free. The user of PINS receives insurance coverage.


  • Compensation for flight delays and lost luggage.
  • Compensation for medical expenses during the travel and after potential accidents, such as skiing.

The main changes in travel insurance terms and conditions are as follows:

  • The Sum Insured in Nordea Gold foreign travel insurance policy for the medical treatment expenses, illnesses or accidents during the trip increased from EUR 75’000 to EUR 500’000.
  • The term „card holder’s spouse/ partner” is defined more accurately in Nordea Gold and Nordea Platinum foreign travel insurance policies and the term „civil marriage partner” has been deleted. Upon occurrence of the insurable event, the card holder will not need to provide the declared place of residence of his/her partner as it may  differ from their common place of residence.
  • It is defined more accurately in Nordea Gold, Nordea Platinum, PINS credit card and Nordea Credit foreign travel insurance policy that the insurance coverage for the trip cancellation stops on the moment when the insured begins his/her trip and not when he/she has registered for the trip, because the insurable event may occur after the registration for the trip and before the customer begins his/her flight.

Amount of insurance policy compensation and terms differ according to the selected credit card you receive the policy with.

Nordea Gold

Terms (valid from 01.01.2017.) 

PINS credit card

Terms (valid from 01.01.2017.) 

Nordea Credit

Terms (valid from 01.01.2017.) 

Nordea Platinum

Terms (valid from 01.01.2017.) 

MasterCard Business Card

Terms (valid from 01.01.2017.) 

MasterCard Business Credit card

Terms (valid from 01.01.2017.) 

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