Automatic Payment

Automatic payment is an easy and safe way to settle monthly payments for a variety of services. You no longer have to follow the payment dates. Specify the payment date and the bill will be paid automatically from your account.

Automatic payment is a convenient service to pay monthly bills for leasing companies, banks, utility companies, telecommunications, electricity and other service providers.

It is possible to automatically pay bills in EUR currency.


  • It saves time and trouble because you do not need to go to the Customer Service Unit or use Netbank every month.
  • Bills are paid on time.
  • You do not have to worry about penalty fees in case of delay.
  • Service providers informs the bank about the exact amount of a bill.
  • Payments are always settled with the right details.
  • This is especially useful if the service provider has changed some details in a bill.
  • You can set the maximum amount you wish to allocate from your account to the automatic payments.
  • Information about settled bills is available in your account statement.

Commission on automatic payments will be charged according to the Nordea price list. If the payment currency is different from the bill currency, the currency conversion of the corresponding amount is performed as per the exchange rate set by the bank on the day of payment submission.The bill is settled automatically if there are adequate funds on the specified payment date.

The date of automatic payment is specified in the agreement signed with the service provider. For more information about various service provider billing terms click here.

 Draw up the automatic payment:By using the Netbank section “Payments – E-bills”.By calling the Contact Center  at +371 67 096 096.At any Nordea Customer Service Unit.

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