e-Invoice Standing Order (ERRA) service

As of 1 January 2015 the automatic payment service is replaced by the e-Invoice Standing Order (ERRA) service.

This is a convenient solution for paying the monthly bills of leasing companies, banks, public utilities, telecommunications, electricity and other service providers.

This service allows for the receipt of electronic invoices via Netbank and rekini.lv, and regular payments of such invoices in euros.


  • Time savings and less trouble – no need to go to the Customer Service Units or use the Netbank.
  • Timely payment of invoices – no worrying about possible penalties for late payments.
  • Option to view all received electronic invoices, their payment status, as well as to pay them directly on your own or to instruct the Bank to make regular payments via Netbank or rekini.lv.
  • Option to set the maximum payment amount.
  • Option to make partial payments in the case of insufficient funds for full payment of the invoice.
  • Option to withdraw from regular payment of the received invoice and to pay directly on your own.


  • Make sure that the company you wish to pay for services rendered offers the ERRA service. A list of companies using the new service is available here.
  • Apply for the ERRA service by filling in an application via Netbank, on rekini.lv, at any Nordea Customer Service Unit or with the respective company, provided that the company offers this option.

What shall I do if I was previously using the automatic payment service?

  • If the company whose invoices were previously paid by automatic payments has implemented the ERRA service, you will receive information from the Bank about replacement of the automatic invoices with the ERRA service, the new terms and conditions of the service, as well as the Price List. If you agree to them, you are not required to do anything – future invoices will be regularly paid. It is possible to view the agreement status in the Netbank, under the section e-Services, or on rekini.lv.
  • If the company has not implemented the ERRA service, the automatic payment service is suspended as of 31 December 2014, and starting from 1 January 2015 invoices will no longer be paid automatically. They can be paid via Netbank or at any Nordea Customer Service Unit. For other payment options please contact the company whose invoices you are required to pay.


Commission fees are charged for successfully completed invoice payments according to the Bank's Price List.

The ERRA services may be set up:

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