CTPL - Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance

We offer the Compulsory Motor Third Party insurance (CTPL) in cooperation with If Insurance Company, which is the leading insurance company in the Northern Europe and the Baltic States.

CTPL provides compensation to injured persons in a road traffic accident, who have not been found guilty in causing the accident:

  • Owner of the car.
  • Pedestrians - even if the guilt of the driver, who has caused the accident, has not been established.
  • Driver of the vehicle.
  • Passengers who were in the vehicle that caused the traffic accident.

Advantages offered by If Insurance Company:

  • Simple procedure of claiming for indemnity 24/7 either by calling the number 8333 or sending an e-mail to atlidzibas@if.lv.
  • You can view the status of the recorded indemnity in the If PortalOpens new window.
  • Indemnity will be paid out within 10 business days.
  • Convenient option to view and print out your insurance policy at any time by logging on to the If PortalOpens new window using your Nordea Netbank user number and a code from the code card.

Take out the insurance policy:

Owner's civil liability for the motor vehicle used in road traffic shall be insured by each owner or holder of a motor vehicle by entering into the CTPL insurance contract or policy.

Standard CTPL contract is valid in the territory of the European Economic Area, Swiss Confederation (CH) and other countries that have joined the multilateral agreement of 30 May 2002, namely, Croatia, Andorra, Serbia.

CTPL is governed by the Republic of Latvia law On Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance of Owners of Motor Vehicles.

CTPL insurance indemnifies the following loss:

1. Loss caused to the belongings or property of a third person in a road traffic accident.

  • Expenses for the repairs of the motor vehicle or other damaged property.
  • Loss due to total loss of motor vehicle, if the repairs of such vehicle are technically impossible or economically unsound.
  • Expenses due to the removal of a motor vehicle or the wreck thereof (if the car is not in working order) from the scene of a road traffic accident to the place of residence of such vehicle owner or legal user who was driving the motor vehicle at the time of the road traffic accident, or to a place of the vehicle repairs within the territory of the Republic of Latvia.
  • Loss due to damage to environment.

2. Loss caused to a person

2.1. Loss due to medical treatment of injured person:

  • Transportation, admission, maintenance, diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation of the injured person in a medical treatment or medical rehabilitation institution.
  • Nursing of an injured person.
  • Purchase of medication, therapeutic sustenance.
  • Treatment at home (including travel expenses when visiting medical treatment or medical rehabilitation institutions).
  • Prosthetics, endoprosthetics and the purchase or rental of technical aids.

2.2. Loss due to temporary incapacity for employment

  • Insurance compensates the non-received income for the period of incapacity for employment certified by the medical treatment institution.
  • Non-received income of an injured person who at the moment of the road traffic accident was an employee or a self-employed person.

2.3. Loss due to loss of ability to work

  • Pension shall be calculated according to the following formula: average earnings of an injured person - received income from work after the road traffic accident - pension granted from the State social insurance budget - benefits received from the State and local government budget.

2.4. Loss due to death

  • Loss caused to dependant persons due to death of injured person shall be calculated according to the following formula: income not received by the perished person, to whom each dependant was entitled to while an injured person was alive - (minus) the amount of survivor’s pension allocated to a dependant.
  • Funeral expenses shall be compensated in an amount that is not less than eight average minimum monthly wages.
  • If the sum of the actual funeral expenses is greater, the actual reasonable expenses certified by documentation will be compensated.
  • An insurance indemnity for loss due to the death of an injured person can be paid also if the death of an injured person has set in within a period of one year after a road traffic accident and that the death is causally related to the relevant accident.

2.5. Non-material loss caused to a person in a road accident shall be loss that involve:

  • A physical trauma of an injured person.
  • The crippling or disablement of an injured person.
  • The death of a breadwinner, dependant or a spouse.
  • Group I disability of a breadwinner, dependant or a spouse.

CTPL + Compensations to Oneself (DLR*) policy coverage ensures that in case of road traffic accident in which you are an injured party (loss to motor vehicle and belongings in the vehicle) you will receive indemnity from If Insurance Company, but not from the insurer of the party having caused the road accident. If Insurance will provide you with all the services for you to receive the indemnity. The insurance coverage is effective if the road traffic accident has happened in the Baltic States and the motor vehicle of the person having caused the accident is registered in the European Economic Area (EEA).


  • Consulting 24/7.
  • Convenient procedure of claiming for indemnity via internet, e-mail or by phone calling at 8333.
  • Excellent service - 97% of all customers were satisfied with the indemnity service of If Insurance Company.

Other advantages:

  • Road traffic accident coverage expanded to all Baltic States.
  • Motor vehicle that has caused the road accident can have EEA registration.

 *Direct Loss Regulation (DLR) system provides that in a road traffic accident the injured person may receive compensation from his/her own insurer, thus making the routine of the owners of motor vehicles much easier.

If Insurance offers the CTPL + Theft of motor vehicle policy, which covers all risks covered by a standard CTPL policy plus one of the most important risks usually covered only by Comprehensive Insurance, namely, against theft and robbery.


  • Applies to all cars irrespective of their year of manufacture.
  • Only to cars.
  • Maximum indemnity: EUR 4268.62.
  • Deductible: 20% of the market value of the vehicle.
  • The motor vehicle will have insurance coverage against the risk of theft in the whole territory of Europe.
  • The risk of theft under the CTPL + Theft of motor vehicle policy is insured only in case of a valid CTPL+ policy.