Life Insurance to Protect the Family

Life insurance with the purpose to protect the family provides financial protection to the family in case of loss of family supporter. Moreover, making contributions to life insurance qualifies the contributor to apply for personal income tax reliefs.
  • An opportunity to provide financial protection to the family in case of loss of family supporter until the end of insurance contract term in full amount of insurance.
  • At the same time, life insurance allows making savings for your future plans.
  • It is possible to reimburse the personal income tax (20%) for the contributions that do not exceed 10% of your gross annual income in the respective calendar year and does not exceed 4000 EUR.
  • Convenient way to manage your savings using the customers' website
  • Investment funds can be changed without fee at any time during the validity of the contract.

Nordea offers this service in cooperation with the insurance company ERGO Life Insurance Latvia branch.
Life insurance for family protection can be arranged at any Customer Service Unit.

  • Insured risks: loss of life and permanent disability.
  • Contract currency: EUR.
  • Insurance amount: depending on customer's choice, starting from EUR 3 000, which will remain unchanged throughout the contract duration.
  • Contract duration: minimum: 10 years, maximum: until the insured person reaches the age of 65.
  • Insurance will take effect with the first payment into the insurer's account.
  • Amount of payments is defined individually depending on the customer's age, insurance amount and contract duration.
  • Customer may choose the preferable type of payment: make a single payment or regular monthly payments.
  • Additional payments to supplement the savings can be done at any time.
  • Minimum monthly payment: EUR 30, minimum single payment: EUR 1000. Maximum amount of payments is not limited.

Selection and Change

Assets are saved in Nordea investment funds, where everyone can choose the funds most suitable to his/her preferred risk level. Combining the fund programmes and various funds offered by Nordea everyone can create his/her own investment profile.
During the validity of the contract, the customer may change the investment strategy and funds several times without fee on the customers' website mansergo.lvOpens new window or by submitting a written application at Nordea Customer Service Units.

We offer to make savings in these investment funds:
Flexible fixed income fund Opens new window
Tactical Allocation BalancedOpens new window
Tactical Allocation ConservativeOpens new window
Nordic Equity FundOpens new window
Nordic Equity Small Cap FundOpens new window
Latin American Equity FundOpens new window
North American All Cap FundOpens new window
Asian Focus Equity FundOpens new window
Global Bond FundOpens new window
European Covered Bond FundOpens new window
Danish Kroner Reserve FundOpens new window
US Corporate Bond FundOpens new window
Emerging Markets Bond FundOpens new window
European High Yield Bond FundOpens new window
Stable Return FundOpens new window
Global Stable Equity Fund - Euro HedgedOpens new window
North American Value FundOpens new window
Flexible Fixed Income Plus FundOpens new window
European Value FundOpens new window
Nordic Ideas Equity FundOpens new window
Emerging Stars Equity FundOpens new window
Multi Manager Fund AggressiveOpens new window
Multi Manager Fund BalancedOpens new window
Multi Manager Fund ConservativeOpens new window


Savings in investment funds are always linked to financial risks. Making savings by using more risky investment funds increases the possibility of loss. In case of negative scenario, the investor may lose all or part of the invested assets. Investments are not made directly, therefore the insurant, instead of ownership rights regarding these investments, obtains demand rights against the insurer. Guarantees provided by the Insured Interests Protection Fund do not apply to this product.