Index-Linked Bonds

Choosing Index-linked Bonds is a safe type of investment with a high potential of return. They are a great alternative to long-term deposits; in comparison to term deposits, they offer higher return options similar to returns generated by the equity or investment funds.

Investments in index-linked bonds are similar to investments in equities. However, unlike direct investments in equities or investment funds, here the investor has the option of investing in bonds with limited risk or to pay a risk premium and possibly to earn more.

By choosing the bond offer with a limited risk, you will receive the nominal value of the bond even if the index development has been negative. Conversely, if you choose the option to pay a premium, then the possibility of potential profit increases.  


  • Opportunity for high potential return.
  • Safety that at the end of the term you will recover the nominal value of the bonds.
  • Possibility to sell the bonds before their maturity.

Nordea offers a number of index-linked bond programs. Different investment strategies provide more new and attractive investment opportunities. For instance, potential return of bonds can be linked to a particular lindex or basket of securities.

Usually, the maturity of index-linked bonds is 5 years. If you need the money sooner, you can sell the bonds before their maturity date for their current market value.

General terms and conditions on opening and servicing securities accounts

You can purchase one or more index-linked bonds choosing from one or more present offers.

To purchase bonds:

  • Visit any Luminor Customer Service Unit.
  • Open securities account.
  • Select any of the available bond offers.
  • Fill out the application for bond purchase in Luminor Netbank under the tab Mail or at any Luminor Customer Service Unit.

Opening of securities account and bond purchases are free of commission fee.

If you want to sell the Index-linked Bonds you must inform the bank by submitting an application:

  • In Netbank under the tab Mail on business days before 14:30.
  • At Luminor Customer Service Units on business days before 15:00.

Applications submitted on holidays, public holidays or after the specified time will be regarded as received on the next working day. Payments for selling the bonds will take place after 2 working days following the reception of the application.

Bond buyback price is fixed according to the current value of the link, the remaining time until bond maturity, financial costs of the emitent and the overall market situation. Repurchase prices of the beginning of the previous business day are available on the following business day in section Index-linked Bonds Program Archive. Find out the exact price by calling to the Contact Centre at +371 67 096 096 or visit any Luminor Customer Service Unit.

Maturity date of index-linked bonds is specified at the moment of bond issue. In case of selling the bonds before maturity, their price will depend on market situation and index developments. The bond price can be lower or higher than at the moment of their purchase.